what's with the light?!!!

Every year, like everybody else, we go through the same thing with the Christmas light, trying to get them to work. In the past, you get tired of playing with them, you throw them out, you go get more. Not this year, the beginning of last year, my wife came across this angel for the yard. She brought it, it looked good in the yard, everything’s peaches and cream. But this year, half of the lights didn’t work.

The angel has 2 strands of lights on it, and on each strand of lights, only half of the lights work. I tried, she tried, between the both of us we couldn’t get the thing to work. So she throws the thing in the trash.

So I’m sitting here looking at the football game, and I remembered how much that thing costs ( $75.00) . So I go, get it out of the trash and go to work again. And still only half of the lights worked. I went and purchased more lights for the angel, but could not find the lights with the clip on the side, for the frame of the angle. Could you please help me with this problem with this angel.

signed Headache in North Carolina

Answer #1

Actually, It would be depending on what it is: LEDs or rope light are hard to change the bulb on!

Answer #2

It is probably a sieries circut on two different sides!

This means well, I don’t know rthe model of the angel or what it looks like so this help is limited. First I need to know whether they are traditional incandescent lights or LEDs or Rope light; Then I can help you better.

Fun mail me! I may be thirteen but I know about these; I fix them!

Thanks and then I can help you!

Answer #3

um try taking it back to store you bought it at or have the company who made the product look at it. I hope I helped!

Answer #4

not that I’ve ever heard of it happening, but perhaps each of the two strands is wired with series circuits rather than parallel circuits.

series circuits mean one light goes out they all go out. parallel circuits means that the current runs throughout the circuit, so that even if one bulb is burnt out, the rest still light.

My understanding was that virtually all christmas lights these days were parallel, but maybe your angel isn’t.

Make sure all bulbs are firmly pushed in and working…that might give a different response.

Just an idea.

“on a side note, that is basically how the flashing bulbs work (the ones with a little red on them that sometimes come with a string of lights) they only work on series circuit wired lights.

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