What's the best way to cool your tongue after a chili pepper?

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Any liquid will help cool but not remove the sting completely. Cooking for 25yrs taught me that. Bread, because it has pores, will absorb the fluid from your tongue much better and faster.

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have a cup of tea no lie! it works because the chilli is hotter the tea reduces the temperature of your mouth to one that isnt too hot !!!

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I always have a chunk of apple, works wonders

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Dairy products

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I heard if you drink milk or some dairy product.

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dairy ... and olive oil .. I once had a really really chili pepers I stayed a day feeling it ...it didnt go only with the magic cold diary ''yogert '' it was great

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Milk -- contains casein, a protein that literally grabs capsaicin (the chemical in hot peppers) -- and will douse the fire in your mouth.


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bread would be the best way to cool your tongue

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Peanut Butter...bread and milk work well but peanut butter mixes and replaces the pepper oil that stings your tongue...it will also alleviate the pain that comes the second time around;)

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