What's the best musical instrument for a child to learn?

What's the best musical instrument for a child to learn? We tried guitar lessons for our boys, but that didn't stick. I've noticed some kids start with piano, and that could be fun for them I guess. Is there one instrument that's good to learn to start with, better than others?

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Piano for sure :) I play piano

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i started the violin in 3rd grade.
i know guys that play violin, viola, cello, bass, & piano.
they're all REALLY good too.

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piano,guitars or drums!

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I noticed the part about (it didn't stick.) If the child is interested it will stick. Don't try to push your child to play they will only resent you for it. Think about it, maybe you should learn to play then get your child involved so that it's now a family oriented activity.

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I play guitar. I started with... Saxaphone.
But I guess guitar is boring to umm how old is the boys?
But yeah I think keyboard/piano.

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I would say teh best instrument to play is bass guitar and trumpet(its easy because theres only 3 buttons)and piano and acoustic guitar.
the best instrument in my opinion is base and acuostic guitar!!!and trumpet

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start with piano then if they want to they can transfer to percussion, that's what I did

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It's good that you want to put music into your children's lives. I was in band in school, and my 17 year old is in the band too. I played the saxophone (knew a little piano), and he plays the trombone. He has now moved on to the guitar as well. He taught himself this year and is very good at it. I have no doubt his training in another instrument made his learning the guitar so much easier. I too, tried the guitar when he was little and it didn't "stick", he wanted to quit after a few weeks. But then at 17 years old, he picks up a guitar out of no where and it's his passion. Piano is a great starter into the music world. Good luck. :)

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Piano is the best instruent to start. I play piano, and I'm glad I started on it. It's the most basic instrument because all of the notes are right next to each other. Piano can help your children start playing other instruments.

Now I play flute and I am thinking about starting another instrument, and I've gone much faster in flute because I knew a lot of things from piano.

Good luck!

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Piano, it's supposed to make them smarter too, I was reading up on it. It has a whole lot of benefits.

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