What's the average for a beep test at 14 years?

ok, im 14, and did a beep test today. I have horrible running fitness, and have had a really bad flu for the past week, and managed a 10.4.

how did I go? what have people got in my age group (btw, ima guy)

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yeh im just asking. because I know im fit, I(while healthy) ice-skate (shorttrack speed skating) for like 30hours a week. itss just running murders me. and a guy in my class got 16... but he's like 6'3'' so yeh

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I beleive thats pretty good for a beep test result
when I was in school, we did them with people of the same gender aroudn the same age
but fitness, people individual ftness, and even things like smoking will all affect people and the result they get
as far as I know, if you get over 5 you did good, and if you got lot over that your pretty fit
guys will generally have higher results than the girls will though becase they have more muscle and tend to be more physically fit

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well tall people have long legs, so its takes them less steps to get to the other side than someone with shorter legs
all the exerscise you do means your probably very fit, which explaines the high score
the highest score I ever got I think was around 7.2
and considering I was pretty much the shortest person in my whole year (not to mention a lot below) that was pretty good!

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