What is the average height for a 14 year old boy?

Is being 5’3’ male at 14 an average height or short? Im constantly told im too short or I’m average height which one?

Answer #1

well im 14 and 5’11” but yeh. im considered overly tall. dont sweat, some people are short, some grow late, and some grow early then stop.

Answer #2

I do think it’s a bit short not dramatically so I wouldnt worry plus you got plenty of growing time and it also depends on genetics too

Answer #3

I’m not exactly sure but I’m around 5’4’’ and my pediatrician told me I was a bit under the average height for guys. Not like it matters much though I still have around 4 years ahead of me to grow.

Answer #4

There Isnt one everyone grows at a different rate.

Answer #5

When i was 14, i was around 6ft, now i’m 15, and i am around 6.1
I know one gu, who at age of 14 was 6ft5in!

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