Does anyone know what is the average height of an 14 year old?

Does anyone know what is the average height of an 14 year old american girl because in my place most girl are only 140-160cm when they are 14.

Answer #1

That seems about right to me. Everyone grows at different rates so everything is normal. I have always been really tall im 15 and 5 ft 8 which is about 179cm! in which is taller than most people my age. But I also have friends who are only 5ft tall (152cm) and they are the same age as me. Everyone is different there is no ‘normal’ height to be.

Answer #2

I don’t know. but dude I was like…5’2. now I’m 19 & still 5’2…lol..naw j/k. I’m 5’6

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