What's it like where you live?

YOU who is reading this, where do you live, country and state/city . . . what’s it like to live there, and what is your area famous for..

I’m in Australia, Brisbane City.. and the houses are cute.. the weather’s always perfect, and everyone my age is fairly good-looking.. (though one of my friends who comes from Israel thinks otherwise.. lol!)

Answer #1

LOL! that’s so funny.. because I think of America as like they portray it in the movies, and I’d love to tour around where you live! lol.. maybe one day we can swap houses.. hehehe

Answer #2

I stay in dundee scotland its quite cold and rainy here! scotland in general is known for haggis, tartan, bagpipes and growing strawbs and rasps but particularly where I stay we have the RSS discovery which is berthed in a dry dock and throught scotland we have a very well know club “fat sams” its very good all the people in dundee are very friendly

Answer #3

WOW everyone’s towns and stuff seems so different to mine.. I’d love to go to some of these places, small places, non-city like countries… lol!


Answer #4

I’m from a bubble town in Ohio, US everyone is ignorant and close minded all they care about is the brand of clothes you have on even the valley parents my town is known for the Popcorn Shop and the waterfalls also, we have the one of the top 100 high schools in America our education is fantastic, but its 98% caucasian not much diversity

Answer #5

Canada. Near the border. I live in Sarnia. It gets pretty hot in the summer and pretty cold in the winter. There are a lot of nice people here…its like you know..buisy streets are buisy and not so buisy streets, like the one I live on, have a car go by every once in a while.

Answer #6

I spent about eight months a year studying in Dunedin, New Zealand. We are famous for horribly cold winters and crazy drunk student antics. We’re a real student city, it gets pretty insane

The rest of the yr I am back in my hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand which is the second biggest city in NZ. Its known as New Zealands “Garden City.” I love it, its very pretty.

Answer #7

U.S.A..Chicago Illinois babyy. Eh it’s alright. City. Known for Downtown/Sears Tower.. uhhh.. it’s pretty hectic.. I mean.. you need money like alll the time in most cases when you want to have fun or something..so that sucks.. unless you go to the beach or somethin… But its kind of a busy life here in this big city.. A LOT goes on and its VERY diverse. Mhhm. The weather changes constantly but for the most part its alright. Im content I guess..even though I prefer living in the suburb or somethin more country-like so high five!! lol

But OMG you live in australia?? whenever I think of australia, I just think of like, sunny skies, kangaroos, beaches, surfers, aussie speaking nice folks, and uhh I don’t know just a fun stress-free life. lol haha I always wanted to go there just for travel and just tour around the place =D ahh..sweeet.

Answer #8

alaska, usa, its really feaking cold, and we are famous for being ths last frontier where all the gold was found

Answer #9

I live in beverly hills CA. it gets so hot in the summer and not to to bad in the winter. it’s nice.

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