What's a way i can describe blue eyes in my story?

Well I'm writing a story and I've asked everyone I know and NO ONE can give me a good idea. So im trying to describe a guy's eyes from a girl perspective. She just met the boy.. so yeah. Does anyone have any good ideas? The only idea I have is: Bright blue. Blue as the sea.
I KNOW- CRAP! so heh, anyone have any better ideas? I would appreciate it sooo much(:

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Baby blues
Powder blue
say something about how it's remarkable that so many different shade of blues are hidden away in his eyes.

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crystal blue
shimmering like the ocean
brilliant as the summer sky
cerulean pools
gleaming blue orbs
cool cobalt

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I looked into his eyes and melted away in the ocean of blue. I felt at home, looking into those eyes. A light from the hallway glimmered and sparkled in his eyes, making me want him all the more.

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what shade, dark or light blue?
Be creative
You don't even half to directly say eyes or blue. Just say something that's blue.

I loose myself in those icy pools of his-for light of coarse
sapphire jewels glittering beneath satin cascades-darker blue of corse
blue mirros reflect___-fill in the blank :D

Or you can compare
His eyes shine like the ocean blue
Eyes like evening skies

Be creative 1_~

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GOD I cnt give you any ideas!!!
the above are sooo goood ...alll of them...I'd like to help...in fact you know what? I know that this has nothing to do wiv your question but...go one wattpad.com and there you can write your stories and people can read them vote and comment ...its great my mate has it !!!

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