What's a good excuse to convince my mom to have a sleepover.

okay, well I'm not exactly allowed to have sleepovers and I have no idea why.
my friend wants to sleepover.
I know I can't ask my padre (dad) because he'll say straight out NO.
it's summer and I atleast want 1 sleepover.
my brother has had a million and I haven't had any so far.
soo my madre (mom) is a push over but I need a good excuse to convince her.
any help?

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just get their mom on the phone but you cant make any plans! EXAMPLE:"ok lets do it on ___ and well do it at this time:___. they ALWAYS GET MAD! (they get mad at me 4 leaving them out!)

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just tell your mom, "Can (your friend's name) sleepover?"

and if she says no say, "We can have a regular bedtime and we won't eat any candy or anything, I just want a sleepover before school comes along"

and when your parents crash just do whatever, it usually works for me, but you can't make too much noise unless your in the basement or attic or somewhere that has a lot of things in it, that usually makes the sound lower (;

good luck!

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try and be a total kissup
it always works for me :D

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just say that you have always been a good kid, haven't done anything to lose her trust.. and you want your friend to sleep over. its not like anything bad can happen..I mean you'll still be in your house!! don't whine and say "but (whatever your brothers name is) get to have em why cant I!!?" just mention it if she says no.

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thanks that has really helped me xxx

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Ineed help

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nothing. they ALWAYS say no. of you keep asking, you probably wont be able to have ANY for a long time.

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Show your parents the plus side of having a sleepover- say "we won't keep you up or anything..." just keep going on and on till your out of ideas. What does your mom really want you to do? Example: Walk the dog or practice your instrument for 15 minutes. Offer to do it. If they really want you to do it, they'll say yes for sure.
Let your parents talk for a bit... And if you have something to do tomorrow, say, ( whatever you have to do) do you think I'll really have a good time? besides, I can do it double next time... Whatever you do, don't scream, don't cry and don't remind them about anything you have to do the next day. Example if you have church the next day don't say: "And church comes every week, I can miss it just once!" It may seem like a good idea but it will get you a NO and fast. Don't remind them of something bad you did example: Saying, "I'll wash the dishes!!" when you broke one this morning.
love, germy and sprringy

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be polite dont beg that never works! ask and be polite say how you think it is a good way to spend time with your friends! and if being polite dosent work or nothing that anyones told you works then you just beg!!!

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Tell them you will smoke pot all night and have a crazy naked partyhahah then ull be able to

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I have the same prob

my mam lets me have them but my dad always says no because we keep him up all night
so do some chores and convince them your able for a sleepover

good luck

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if they say no,then do puppy eye and pretend that you about to cry.if your dad spoiles you then ask him,don't ask your mom.

works for me every weekend

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