What quotes should I get tattooed?! Tell me your favorite quotes! ?

Hey guys just wnated some options! I want to get a short quote tattoo but I’m not sure which I want and google sucks so… So far my favorite is “she flies with her own wings” anything better?

Answer #1

You should deffinetly find a qoute that relates to you in your own way , maybe one about the way you view the world or the person you are . I have a couple that I think are pretty good but deffinetly go with one that you know you can live with on your body and that means something to you.

-you must push the limits because if you never fail you will never succed.

-anyone can give up , its the easiest thing in the world to do but to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart , thats true strength.

-every now and then when you least expect it , something amazing does happen


-be strong now, becuase things will get better. it might be stormy now, but it cant rain forever


Answer #2

I agree . if it’s not your own quote, or own perspective of a quote, might as well not get it tattooed on your body.

Answer #3

umm, well I like “I live my life with no regrets.. also think wise like cuddles88 said you might have to live with that tattoo the rest of your life..GL:)

Answer #4

I don’t think that you should get anyhing on your body cause the you are going to have to live with it the rest out your life. but that is just my opinion.

Answer #5

theres this tatue you can make it says Regret and nothing at the same time. from the up side it says REgret and then if you look at it upside down it says nothing.
or theres thes e outhers at http://www.wowtattoos.com HOpe I helped,

                        love midnight dreamerr (:
Answer #6

-life isnt about finding your self its about creating your self -be happy for this momment.thiss moment is your life

  • to wish yu were someone else is to waste da person yu are
Answer #7

“the opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation” kind of long though…

Answer #8

Make up your own quote!!!

Answer #9

If you’re in to quotes, I would google Marilyn Monroe Quotes. She, to me, has some of the best quotes ever.

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