What is a good life quote for a tattoo?

So, I am getting a tattoo this summer and I wanted some sort of life quote on my wrist. Not to long, but not to short. I was thinking a life quote about people who have a hard time in life. Because I have had some hard times in life. My doctor said I am stressed out and I have a lot of family issues and I would like a inspirering quote about never giving up and never letting anything get in your way. Please help me! I would really appreciate it. :) thnx!

Answer #1

Do you really want a suggestion from a complete stranger permanently tattooed on your body?

I’d have to agree with varnadore and say choose something that means a lot to YOU. You will probably be less likely to regret it 40 years from now.

Answer #2

for each ecstatic instant, we must - in anguish, pay, in keen and quivering ratio to the ecstacy .

it basically means for there to be joy there has to be pain . theres always a cause and effect for everything …

Answer #3

I have ‘HOPE’ tattoed on my forearm in Gaelic. I wanted something to remind me that no matter what hardships I face I always have something to keep me up. I chose to do it in Gaelic because I am of Irish descent so it was something a little more personal than just the word ‘hope’ or some generic phrase.

I’d suggest choosing a word or phrase that means a lot to YOU or that will remind you of something you never want to forget. Make it your own through the text/language/design/placement.

If I have to make a suggestion, and since I’m answering your question I suppose I should, I would say:

Always stay strong That which does not kill us makes us stronger Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none


Answer #4

Those are both negative quotes. How about something like “the past is practice” “do everything in love” “even the best fall down sometimes” “In time this too shall pass” “to live is the rarest thing in the world” “dont follow the path make one” “pain is inevitable suffering is optional “ “If you want something you’ve never had, do something you’ve never done.”

Answer #5

how about a word ; hope ?

Answer #6

its too easy to quiet. I dunno if if that how you spell quiet its either that way or quit

Answer #7

If its not ok its not the end,,, or make one like this.. s(he) be(lie)ve(d)

Answer #8

Real eyes: realize: real lies.

Answer #9

well my sister, Sam, has “Keep your head high like your nose is bleedin’” on her forearm. I kinda like that. Or,”Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’d die today

Answer #10

or u can use “what dont killu, can only make you stronger”.

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