What profession should I choose?

I’m 15 year old high school student. Soon I will have to choose a group of school subjects I will be orientated to, for the rest of my life, that will direct me to a college. (Don’t know about yours but that’s my country’s school system) I know that those subjects are Biology and Chemistry which are also dear to me. (Lol I know, a geek xD) And I still can’t decide which profession to choose. And I’m not asking anyone to choose for me, but if you could put yourself in my position, or you were, what would be your decision and why? Right now I am considering 3 colleges: Medicine (I KNOW I would enjoy doing it and it would fulfill me as a person but it takes almost 10 years, if not more, to reach my goal!), Pharmacy (lots of money in that busyness, trust me I know, but it doesn’t sound that appealing, though I love chemistry), Dentistry (my dad is a dentist, and it seems that the job would fit my conditions- it doesn’t take that long to become one, I can help people and it’s very profitable, but my dad has a crooked spine because of his constitution which I have, so it could happen to me too)

If you could give me some other suggestions I’m more then ready to consider them. So please reply and make my decision a little bit easier. PS. If you are working in this area of science, please tell me about it, and would you regret your choice?

Answer #1

well if I were in your position I would chose medicine, it seems that thats what you like to do the most of all… and does length matter as long as you accomplish your goals, I mean dont be what you dont want to be… do this, get three peices of paper… on the top of each write one thing you wanna do (med., phar., dent., ect.) then write a line down the middle do pros on one side and cons on the other… compar each when your done and then decide which would be better for YOU! not your mom or dad or friends but you… right now dont worry about them worry about you… I am 15 in 8 days and I know im young, but I am very smart. I have been told that when it comes to advice in ANY situation I’d be the one EVERYONE goes to… its not easy to be good at giving advice, because some of the things I tell people are things I should be listening to myself, I just dont bother to put myself before everyone else… I was tought by my mom to give not take because then you wont be pleased with what you took… in other words “give and you shal recieve” I dont expect good things to come to me, I am just naturally a sweet person… I give people advice for a living, and am willing to help you out more if you would like… im not trying to scare you or anything just being helpful is all… the reason im good at giving advice is because I have been through this myself before… I helped my brother and my cousin and friends every day… im good with a lot of stuff, so if you want you can fun mail me for any other advice… good luck :)

Answer #2

I myself am 17 and just made all thoes choices. I was unsure if I wanted to be an engineer bussness owner or a computer repair guy. All very differnt but all fields have some things in common so I took an engineering advanced class as well as a busness ownership and enterprinourship class. Also a computer repair class. I made sure I did great in all my revalating core classes (Basicly slacked in history). Now that I hvae experiance in all three fields I leanerd that they all have a lot in common and knowing some skills from each made me a lot better at each. In your case it’s pretty much the same thing. Also this will give you a better feel for what you really want to do rather then just winging it.

Answer #3

Unfortunately length of college does matter. I love science, but I’m also a social creature and am afraid to spend my entire youth in college. I’m not sure if I’m ready to make that much of a sacrifice even though I know I could and it would make me happy doing it, but could I be happy knowing I gave up so many things for that in the end. The real question is: Should I sacrifice for my passion? Or the one I’ve been asking myself: Could I sacrifice for my passion?

Answer #4

anytime… I love helping people out, if you EVER need more advice…im here, but please do the paper thingy, it really works… then maybe you’ll be happy with what you chose, but with your boyfriend and family I only have one thing to say ABSANCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER this is very true…

Answer #5

Yup, but in med school, the other 21 hours is eating, sleeping and studying. My mum is a doctor and she told me how hard it is. Just imagine if you would rarely see your boyfriend and friends because you want to make it in college. I know I’d do that, because when I start, I will finish the job the right way. Thanks for your reply btw. =)

Answer #6

im sure you are stroung enought to do whatever makes you happy, but maybe you could go to collage for a few years then take a break, I mean isnt collage 3 hours?

Answer #7

I think pharmacy is gud 4 me… b/c im a science studnt and I like to b in science studies.. I wanna serve humanity.. and ofcourse I also want money.. bt I think this professn is very respctble…

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