What now? is this just a never ending cycle of hurt?

I know its a long one guys but I could really use some help right about now.

what do I do?.. if you have read my previous questions you know my situation but ill try to sum it up and put my recent problems.
okay, so ya im in an amazing and dangerous type of love with this guy (my sisters boyfriend) ...
And I know its wrong but to be clear I did have him first. and she didnt want him and then as soon as I made it clear that I did she decided that she not only wanted him to but would have him, okay so I didnt see him for like 2 years after he left back to where he lived because we were only together wile he was here and then I find out that not only did he move back up here but that hes dating my older sister. it was so hard to be around him and her and act like everything was okay was okay when it clearly wasnt. he didnt even talk to me about it. it was like we were both pretending it didnt happen. and when we did talk about it it was usually when him and her were fighting are not around each other and it wasnt like "im sorry" it was more like "so do you remember when we were hanging out at ---" he sent me all these mixed signals and I didnt know what to do are how to react I just new I've never felt this way about anyone before.
okay so to make a very long story short, its about 4 months since I first started writing about it and lots has happened. theyv had a lot of meaningless fights, hes left and come back a few times, they broke up, she effed his cousin,(yep thats right) shes pregnant and doesnt know whos it is but is telling him she knows it his and im scared and dont know what to do, so ill list my problems.
1. im in love with someone that im afraid I will not only never have but have to see them all the time and have them be in my family not as my spouse but as a brother in law

2.my sister is hurting him by still hitting on his cousin and kissing him and maybe more whenever she gets the chance not to mention leaving out the vital information that he might not be the father of the baby..

3. she is to my acknowledgment snorting pills while she is knowingly pregnant and wont stop no matter what I say. she says she will quit but that is my little niece or nephew she might be hurting and even though she is not on my good side that baby is the highest type of innocent.

sooo any advice guys?

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You need to be strong for her honey,even though she is being a total idiot right now,that little sea monkey in her womb is hanging on a cliff by its fingernails.Get her to STOP NOW.For the guy,come clean.If your sis ends up being pissed off,its not your fault she is being stupid.Besides, time heals wounds.And you are truluy right,you really did have him first cause of that one night.But your are the next thing closest to innocent other than the poor fetus held into the tummy of a slut.(Sorry) Like I have said before,he is playing the Mastermind.But cleary he is also clueless,because he doesnt know what the hell she is even doing! You,and ONLY YOU are the solution to all of this.Trust me,im sure as hell I know what im talking about.

*You are able to stop your sis by restricting every single possible thing she can snort.(Even air if you had the chance :) ) Anyways,if she says she "promises" NO,HELL NO! MAKE HER STOP.Get in control of it.

*Her innocent sea monkey. T-T IF there was only a way to transfer that little peanut into YOUR safe tummy,that would be a god damn miracle.Hope for the best. Maybe if there is to be a child born,maybe you can take custody. That would be a lifesaver.

*The Heartbreaker: Clearly,you just need to be honest,but it would be best if you dont cuss your sis out.Just say it smoothly and slowly and let him process it.Tell him to trust you and look into his eyes.Tell him how you fell then.Dont go "Drama Mama" even though what your going through is an angry whrilwind of non-stop cruelty.Be strong.

I hope I really helped you Sam,you are beautiful,wise,and have a Gladiator Spirit. :) Good luck. Im nervous for you too.

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wow, mate I'm so sorry to hear things haven't got better for you. It's a shame that as beautiful and amazing as life can be, it can also be just as ugly and just as destructive.
I think this guy really does need to realise for himself that the relationship with your sister isn't healthy. he obviously knows that the baby may not be his if he see's what your sister is doing with his cousin.
The only thing I think you can do about any of this is go to your parents or one of your sisters close friends and get them to talk some sense into her about the pills. she could be injering or even killing her unborn child and it does need to stop!

I'm so sorry it still hasn't worked out for you. talk to the guy, let him know what your sisters doing. he might be able to stop her and it might also be a wake up for him to realise she's not right for him (and that maybe you are).
good luck mate.

should I and is it goin to hurt
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let him realize on his own that your sister is hurting him
he will then soon see that your the one he loves
lots of drama
I feel sorry for you :(

What should I do about her hurting me?

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