What kind of things a 3 year old should know for preschool?

My Daughter is going to be 3 at the end of april. She already knows how to count to 10 and some colors and plenty of words and sentences. Im really scared to send her to preschool because time has went by soo fast. What kind of things should they know for preschool and what kind of things will they learn in preschool besides the socialization with others?

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I dont know what its like now. but when I went to preschool we learned days of the week,months,counting,the alphabet,etc. really just stuff to ready for school later on. if they go to a christian preschool like I did,they might teach basic bible stories like jonah,noah,creation etc. it also helps minimize seperation anxiety if they have it. that;s sumthing they really need to be over before they start school. I didnt ge over it till I was almost 8. but thats pretty much it

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All 3 of my kids went to preschool. My boys loved it but my daughter did a lot of crying...I finally realized that she wasn't mature enough to go yet so we're going to try it again this year (she'll be 4 when she goes this time). When my boys first started they really worked on the alphabet...try to get her to learn the alphabet song. They also work on what their name looks like and how to spell it.

Preschool is great and she'll have a great time...she'll also be prepared for kindergarten, you won't have to go through the whole crying thing with her then.

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No... I could read by 4... my mom taught me at home... you can teach her to read books... nothing wrong with teaching her stuff

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Shes all potty trained. I want her to get all the friends and so on but I wanna be able to teach her the things for kindergarten. Is that wrong of me?

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Preschool will help prepare her for kindergarten.

There's not much she needs to know to go!!

The only thing they normally ask is for the child to be potty trained, being that it's not a daycare and they don't want to be changing diapers!

That's about it!

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Right now I can't afford to do day care and my daughter can't start school until she is 4, so I have been teaching her at home. We've done quite a few things but now I'm stuck on what else I can teach her. She knows her ABC's and can identify them. She knows her numbers up to 10. I taught her the months, days, and seasons. She also knows her shapes and colors. Because I'm not a real teacher, I'm not sure what else I can teach her. I'm scared to try reading because I"m aftraid I"ll do it wrong. Any suggestions?

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