What do 3-years-olds like?

My boyfriend has a 3-year-old daughter and I haven’t met her yet. He’s bringing her to my house for 4 days and I’m so nervous because he said he’s really different around his daughter. I’m wondering what kinds of things would be fun for a 3-year-old to do while she’s here so she doesn’t feel weird being in some random persons house. There’s lots of snow so we can go play in it but what are some things we could do inside? Also tips on interacting with her would be great, I haven’t been around a kid in so long.

Answer #1

Play Doh or Moon sand occupy my daughter. If she’s a girly then having barbies or babies for her to play with will help. My daughter also loves to watch My Little Pony movies and all the Princess movies, even some of the Barbie movies she’d probably like. They love to help in the kitchen. My daughter helps to make dinner by “washing” the vegetables. She helps to mix the cookie dough. They like to have their hair done and play dress up.

They best way to interact with her would probably be to get down on her level and just play with her…all kids love when adults act like goof balls with them. She’s going to probably be really attached to her dad so make sure that when you are playing with her at first you have her dad join in then when you’re both comfortable he can back away and let you really get to know her.

One thing about the Rudolph movie…my daughter is scared of the abominable snowman (I have no idea how to spell that).

Just be yourself I’m sure she’ll love you :)

Answer #2

kid’s are so ez to interact with way ezer then adults are if you ask me play kid games ask you boyfriend he should know what she likes play dress up with her they love that I don’t know if he let’s her play with make up but I know my lil because loves make up shes 4

Answer #3

Sugary things!!! make funny faces, make jokes, candy, cartoons, drawing, it’s endless!!! Bring her a coloring book and some crayons, whatever you think. Watch cartoons with her (go spongebob!!)

Answer #4

Have them help you bake some cookies. Being able to put her hands in the dough and make something would be fun for a 3 year old.

Coloring books are always a plus. If you have any disney movies, put them out on a table and let her pick what she wants to watch.

Answer #5

Act silly.

Answer #6

Lego has the toddler version, called Duplo. Also, you can find a set of K’Nex in toddler/preschool version as well. K’Nex is sort of like TinkerToys if you had them growing up, only these are plastic pieces instead of wood. My daughter is 4, and loves her K’Nex pieces and getting to create weird things. She also loves her playdough (but I hate cleaning it up afterwards). She enjoys some barbies too, but for her the draw is the house. Most little girls like Dora the Explorer, so you might find some Dora books to read with her.

Answer #7

ok, first - DONT’ TRY TO IMPRESS HER! she’s 3!! things are very simple for a 3 year old! go out to the early learnign centre, get some paints, some colouring stuff and when she comes over, take a roll of paper out and you and her just get messy! laigh chuckle and relax about the mess, after all, it’s fuin (isn’t it?!!?)

at 3 years old, she has no real pre-conception on expectations or requirements…just relax…

and yes, your other half will be different, he’s in ‘daddy mode’ and being all responsible..accept that it’s his way of dealing with things…just go by hert, your a girl, you know better what she likes than he does, trust me…just try to involve him and make him feel part of it…

you’ll be fine…just relac…this isn’t ‘his’ child…it’s just a 3 year old! x

Answer #8

All of these are pretty good ideas! If she seems shy, just ask her ‘do you want to play something with me?’ She’ll most likely be all for it because at that age they’re all about having a playmate. Have some coloring books and crayons and you could have her help you color a picture for daddy! Just be her ‘playmate’ the whole time and I’m sure she’ll be your best friend! lol

Answer #9

They love animals!!!I have a 3 year old and she goes ape Sh*+ over my mums cat when it cames over try these things

animals soft toys dora ther explorer throw a tea party build a tent put on the sprinkler and play at a beach in the backyard dressups dollys mums and babies(like playn mummies takin care of a babi ) do her hair dress her up take her to the park

hope I could help !!!

Answer #10

Get Christmas movies, my kids love Frosty, Rudolf, and any of the animated movies. Coloring is usually fun for 3 year olds, they LOVE to be helpers, so I like suggestion of cookies or brownies, she can help put the ingrediants in. Build a tent with blankets and chairs, then put her stuffed toys in it for a picnic. Good Luck

Answer #11

you can like play “Barbies” lol…and like make “cookies” or somin..likke let her mix the ingredients..I hope that helps

Answer #12

u could rent some movies for her

Answer #13

box of cigars?

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