Which sport is the best

Out of these. Which is the best sport. -soccer- -baseball- -football- -volleyball- -basketball-

Answer #1

Soccer! Definately!

Answer #2

Baseball, but you should get into hockey too.

Answer #3


Answer #4

I like soccer best because it’s a good way to get active and in shape and still have fun.

Answer #5

depending on what you want to do and what your wanting out of the sport football is pretty hot when guy plays it they look hot:)

Answer #6

football becuse if your not a p##sy becuse its a contact sport you have to not be afraid to hit or get hit

Answer #7

football mate it is the best sport.

Answer #8

vollyball, and baseball… I like em both

Answer #9


Answer #10

Soccer and football , I haven’t played it though

Answer #11

I’d have to say Basketball almost tied with Football though. Hard choices to choose from.

Answer #12


second is tie between volleyball & football though.


Answer #13

depends on what your favorite is, mine is soccer or basketball because your always doing something, always.

Answer #14

American Football or soccer

Answer #15


Answer #16

FOOTBALL is seriously the best. no other sports compair besides basketball;)

Answer #17

Football Tennis Hockey

Answer #18

oh come on we all know football which is also known as soccer is the world’s sport..okay.. period..

Answer #19

VOLLEYBALL DUHH and swimming but that’s not a sport…or is it idkk I dew it for fun but I love volleyball that’s like mii sport and I like lacrosse tew but you didnt post that one upp! lol Then id say Football :D I like playing with the boys lmfaoo as long as I don’t break a nail lol :) hahaha

Answer #20

baseball & football

Answer #21

football then baseball

Answer #22

Football is always my first choice. I also like to play other sports as well but, my first priority is always football. It’s an amazing exciting sports and also an international game.

Answer #23

Obviously, My most favorite sport is Football because it is very exciting rather than the other sports. Therefore I gives the first priority is always this sport.

Answer #24

Football is one of my best and favorite sport in the whole world. I like to play it with my friends when I am free. I also like to watch it on TV.

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