favourite thing about football or for americans its soccer?

whats your favourite thing about football or for americans its soccer.. :)

Answer #1

the guys really are wimps tho.. lol and now everything is changed everytime a guy goes down he is strecthered off like a loser… but yea you need 2 be REALLY fit..

Answer #2

its not boring like baseball, and the guys arent wimps. I think its kinda funny when I started watching the world cup that they rarely stop the time, even when a guy is getting carried off the field in a stretcher! even though its a long game, theres a lot of action and athleticism.

Answer #3

Yeah Barcelona are currently amazing and playing some of the best football they have in a while, but am talking about showboating which makes AC Milan great to watch when they are on form, which currently they are. Football wise yeah Barcelona would be top by a long mile, but for enjoyment of the game Ronaldinho does it better then a lot of players. :)

Answer #4

doesnt matter how many inzaghi scores he sooo old he was around when they were building pyramids. :P pato has yet 2 develope.! ac is nothing special honestly.. if you want 2 pick a decent attacking line up_-_barcalona.- the beat bayern munich 4-0 in the first leg for god sake… the german champions shattered like the were a schoolboy team.. :S

Answer #5

The atmosphere and the special players in the game…for pure football genius at the moment you cant beat AC Milans attacking line up of Ronaldinho, Kaka and Pato with Inzhagi as back up who got a hat rick on the weekend :D

Answer #6

u gotta be non-european then? football is the greatest game on the planet.. nicknamed “the beautiful game”.. anyway you shud stick 2 hockey are something.. lol

Answer #7

my favourite thing is the atmoshere when you have 40,000 people aroun you screaming its just amazing.. and if your lucky like me you might have your own cheer section.. lol

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