What is gonna happen to me now im in so much trouble!?

Ok im in a bit of a tricky situation! I’ve been arrested millions of times and am in serious crap this timee! I was given a caution and given a repremant in court then 2 years later I was given another and then I got taken to court again but they didnt find me guilty but now I have been even more of a and got into a fight put some kiddie in hospital and broken her wrist and smacked a copper < accident! Both on the samee dayy! What shall I expect from court next month? <3

Answer #1

how old are u?

Answer #2

ok, now youve got to explain,, Im listening

Answer #3

Ok, thank you for sharing that, I know it isnt easy for you to tell a stranger the “hurts” you carry in your heart. I also know your so scared because of whats happening around you right now, that you dont want to stop and think about things like this.

But, I think your very mature to say, yes these things happened, but there not excuses. Most people use this as an excuse, and it takes years to admit your decisions are your fault. But actually, your decisions are what you have to deal with, and part of dealing with them is realizing why your making them. So,, unfortunatly you have to take a trip down memory lane.

The fact of the matter is I’ve learned this out of experience, and if you’d ever like to talk more, we can get off this page, and talk where others cant read it. let me know,

Im sorry about what your mom said :( Words like those cut to the bone, and leave a scar that only God can heal, and again I know that from experience.

You will get through this, and you will find a way to take what was wrong in your life, and use it for good, that it will have a purpose besides distruction in your life. It all starts with forgiveness.

You will have time on your hands, and in that time, make a list of things in your life that you regret. that you regret doing as well as happening to you. Then start your path of forgiveness. asking for it, and giving it out. This will be hard, cause it will have to be more than lip service. Repenting, is not just saying sorry, its turning, and not doing it again,, and again, it takes Gods help in doing that. You can try on your own, but eventually youll get tired of trying on your own, and have to ask God for help however long that takes, will be determined by how long it takes you to surrender. it could be years,,, months, weeks, days, or now. the decision is yours. You know how to reach me if you want to talk.

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I am very sorry for what you have had to endure. I was brought up in violent environment as well. I know what it is like, and it is not an easy thing to overcome. My father was addicted to crack as he abused my mother and I when I was younger. My mother also attempted suicide and wound up in an institution for a while. My mother and I went to live with my grandmother who is psychologically unstable and also violent. I grew up with what many would call an abusive unhealthy atmosphere. I still had enough sense not to attempt to hit someone in front of a cop and accidentally hitting him! Growing up in an abusive environment is no excuse for your behavior. It is very difficult to overcome obstacles, but nobody has an easy life. I would speculate that may people in prison have grown up in abusive environments and used that as a crutch later on in life. I know that is not what you want to hear, but you need to get yourself together because once you grow up no one is going to feel sorry for you. Especially not the justice system. As far as being taught to hit back, just know that once you hit back you are opening the door for an assault and/or battery charge to be placed against you. You had better try your best to unlearn that behavior.

Answer #5

You might not call them excuses…but you’re still justifying your behavior…and…there is no justification for that behavior…

You’re going to do some time, I think…best make good use of it…


Answer #6

You seem to have a lot of emotional problems, and you need to get some professional help dealing with them. jg102790’s advice that god is the only one who can heal you is just BS. If belief in god is comforting to you, that’s fine, but it is not at all necessary for you to deal with these problems. (The fact that she would use your tragic situation as an excuse to try to convert someone is pretty distrubing in itself). Seek the help of a school counsler, or ask the court if there is some program you can get in to where you can get help. But either way, you need to stop making bad decisions, and putting yourself in positions where you can get into more trouble.

Answer #7

Ok Then Im Explaining!… I Know None Of This Is Excuses Btw! When I Was 10 My Mum Told Me How Much She Hated Me And How Much She Wanned Me Dead Then Tried To Hang Herself In My Room! She Is The One Who Got Me My Repremands By Lying! Were Ok Now As She Has Kind Of Recovered From Her Deperession! But I Was Bought Up In A Voilent Environment So What Do You Expect? Also I Have Always Been Taught To Hit Back If someone Hits Me And Thats Just What I Knoww! <3

Answer #8

Honey,,, let the courts help you, surrender the mess youve made of your life to God, ask yourself why your making these horrible decisions, and change your life. take this time that your going to have, and do some soul searching. Just know, your a minor, I assume,, so at this point in your life, their whole purpose is to help you, welcome the help before your an adult, and they give up on you. It is going to be ok :)

Answer #9

Yeah Thought I Said DONT Bring God Into This! And I Didnt Go To Hit someone And Hit Him I Fell Over! <3

Answer #10

prepare to do the time. or maybe community service

Answer #11

Personally, I hope you end up in juvenile detention…your behaviour is akin to that of a loser.

Straighten up - the world doesn’t need any more underdogs.

Answer #12

Im Expecting Too But I Didint Mean Too You Knoww! And You Might Sayy You Hope I End Up In Juivanile Detention But Tbh You Dont Knoe The Circimstances Do You The Girl Punched Me First And I Hit The Copper By Accident And Couldnt Stop Appoligisingg! <3

Answer #13

ThankYou For The Advice But PLEEEAASE! Dont Start With The God Thing My Dad Did That And Thats Why I Am Like I Am! <3

Answer #14

Stop putting yourself in situations where you have more than a possibility of getting into trouble. Try to think before you act and make better decisions. When the kid hit you you should have pressed charges. Instead of YOU being in this situation, the kid who hit you would be in your shoes. Once you hit 18, the law is not going to care what your circumstances are. If you make poor decisions, you have to face the consequences despite what issues you may have. I hope everything works out for you.

Answer #15

Its unfortunate that you happened to fall on a cop, but you did in fact break someone’s wrist.

Hopefully you have learned your lesson that the type of behavior you have been displaying is unacceptable. No matter what type of upbringing you have had.

You know the old saying Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. It may be corny, but it pays to have it come to mind while contemplating on doing something asinine.

Good luck kiddo! Learn your lesson this time and make it count! Quit wasting my tax dollars!

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