What foods will poison raccoons?

Hey there. We live in a very woody, country-like area. We have tons of raccoons around the house. We've been putting out just a bowl or so of food just every now and again. It just occurred to me that I don't know what foods are poisonous to this animal. I've put out things like stale cheerios we needed to get rid of, a piece of old boneless chicken...old freezer-burned frozen vegetables. Can I please get a list of every kind of food that will either kill or make a raccoon sick if eaten. Also, please tell me how much has to be eaten to hurt the animal. I don't mind having them around, but I don't want them starving. Thanks very much. Please, no negative comments about how they're dangerous or carry diseases or whatever. I know, and I never go outside, like, ever, unless to get in my car during the day or get the mail. Thanks in advance!!


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Wow tatertot! You didn't read the post at all! lol

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I think raccoons can pretty much eat anything we eat...I found a site that gives tips on feeding wild raccons...



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I don't want to kill them (this is the person who wrote the question) I want to feed them, I just want to make sure I don't feed them anything that will make them sick! I am an animal lover as well XD

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im sorry misread the question lol

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love woodland creatures-right next to the gravy and cranberry sauce :P

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