What drives a person to smoke weed?

Personally I have never smoked weed. Nevertheless I do know several people that do or have. I am a little concerned about a friend of mine, Pat. He seems to be out of control, every time I’ve called him, he tells me he’s going to or is smoking weed. Though I’m glad he’s confident to share this information with me, I am worried for him. You see, he is now going to college out of state, so I only see him on vacations. The point is when I talk to him over the phone it’s hard not to notice his speaks slower than usual, or is just up in the clouds. Not only is it affecting the way he talks, which I’m sure can be linked with slower neuron firing, in the brain, but he was almost kicked out of college for being caught several times smoking. He’s responses to why do you smoke are. “It’s fun”, “It’s not bad for you man, like people think weed is bad for you but it’s really not” Though his slower overall physical and mental functioning seem to state otherwise, he doesn’t seem to care or notice. After all like many things that progress gradually rather than sporadically. The significant change goes unnoticed because it happened in small steps. Though I would not personally like to share my own motivations for smoking, if I was a regular marijuana user, I am asking those out there willing to help me understand my friend, what motivates them (you) to use weed. Feels good? Relaxes? Social lubricant? Does it taste good? What do you like about it? What do you absolutely love about it? What don’t you like about it that much? What do you really dislike about smoking weed or weed in general? Has somebody told you they agree or disagree with your smoking of weed? If you really had to do your best to describe to somebody who’s never used what using weed is like, feels, entails, what would you tell them?

If you were asked to think about what event, thing, situation, consequence, or reward would make you think twice about your marijuana use what would that event, thing, situation, consequence, or reward be?

Thank you very much, and feel free to answer all or just a few questions.

Answer #1

I am 14 and I smoke about 4 days a week sometimes more sometimes less but for me I love the feeling of being high more than anything it is just such a good experience and I honestly feel bad for people who dont or havent smoked because it is just such an amazing experience. I started about 9 months ago me and my friend were just curious about it and we knew his sisters did and they always got good grades and played sports so we diddnt see any side effects so we smoked a joint on his birthday and it was a great time I diddnt start smoking a lot until about 5 months ago but I have not got any side effects from it my report card last week was a’s b’s and one c im in honors algebra 2 freshman year I play football and go to the weight room every day after school so I havent found a reason not to smoke yet

Answer #2

I recently started smoking weed… I am a college freshman and I am constantly under a lot of stress. A lot of people I’ve been hanging out with smoke weed and I felt pressured to do it also. One night I was semi-drunk and a friend was smoking kush so I asked if I could try it. I did and everyone was going crazy because they said it looked like I’ve been smoking forever (I didn’t cough and I blew the smoke out of my nose). I loved the attention and I found that I was more accepted if I smoked. I have to say that I think the taste is amazing… some better than others. It really relaxes you. I was so stressed and doing this really helped. I did stop for a couple weeks because I noticed my smoking was getting out of control. It’s very addicting. I was getting high at least 5 times a week and spending a lot of money on weed. (it’s not cheap at all!) But after coming back to school after spring break, things got stressful again and I’ve smoked twice in the last two weeks. Also, if you get drunk and high at the same time, you get really messed up. But I am trying not to get too addicted again because I know my family would be really hurt if they knew what I was doing to my body. Smoking weed isn’t best thing in the world, but there are many worse things that could be done. I hope this helps you in some way!

Answer #3

Hmmm. well for me, I smoke weed because it relaxes me. and I love the feeling of being high. yes, there was times where when I was high, I would be upset, or something but thts some of the side affects to smoking weed. it usually can lead to depression and what not. but weed has helped me in a way, ever since I started doing it. I’ve gained wayy more confidence in myslef, and I could careless what people would say or even think about me[that isnt always a good thing]. but to some points it is. now weed to me taste really good. and I love the smell of it. and some people disagree and some people agree. I know alott of people who will agree more with me then disagree but it all depends on the person. I used to smoke just about everyday, but now I sloww down more. weed isnt the worse thing you could do. there’s plenty more worse things your friend could be doing. but the best thing you can do is stick by his side. you cant really change his mind of why or when he smokes weed, thts all up to him. and what he thinks would be better for him to do.

Answer #4

For me, it was peer pressure.. my friend did it, and pressured me into it, so I did it. My older brother found out and he started smoking with me.

Sometimes it did feel good, then other times for some reason it would make me really depressed and I wanted to get rid of the high.. It rarely relaxed me.. most of the time it made me really loud and hyper (besides the times it made me depressed) :)

I would only do it when I was around people that were doing it. I have never done it alone, so I guess you could say I was a ‘’social smoker’’. I liked how it made me feel.. no worries (most of the time) I never really loved it though.

I absolutely HATED the taste.. the smell wasn’t too appealing to me, either. The taste was disgusting to me.. I just did it to get high. I hated how paranoid it made me sometimes.. for some reason it made me feel very claustrophobic.

I dislike the long term effects it has (my brother is 23 years old, has smoked weed since he was 12, and pretty much has nothing to show with his life.) I just hate what it does to people. They can do so much with their life (like your friend) and the only thing standing in their way is their addiction and dependence with weed.

Also, they (including me) are extremely unpleasant when they don’t have weed. I just hated how I was when I was smoking, I realized I needed to put a stop to it before it got out of hand and I found other healthier things to make me feel better about my life. My dad’s opinion is very important to me, and I didn’t want to disappoint him.. I knew if he found out his daughter was smoking weed, he would have been crushed. I haven’t smoked since July 18th. :)

Nobody agreed with me smoking weed except my brother (only because I’d buy him some)

Answer #5

I personally dont drink or do drugs

but few people smoke because they like the taste, they just get used to it smoking mainly starts off by peer pressure or by wanting to fit in and/or be cool people smoke nowdays just for the hell of it, to escape from other problems, and even to surpress there appetities so they dont feel like eating and stupidly in turn, dont eat and loose weight but kids and teens usually start off smoking because “‘everyone”” else is doing with weed though theres the added “‘benifits”‘ of the side effects like halucinating these arent healty at all, but most peoplesmoke weed to get high, because when there high, they dont worry about problems and there in a fantasy world also because weed is conidered one of the safest drugs, so people use it and dont worry about the consequences (though are sometimes serious and even fatal)

Answer #6

‘The way I view it, its not much different than someone coming home from work and drinkin a few beers.’

Yeah. And like every other drug in the world, this becomes a little problematic if they’re getting high everyday… then you move into addict territory…

Nice questions. Actually I could use them for my substance abuse group. Teenagers. For some reason they dont get that it’s not the weed that’s problematic. Any more than alcohol is problematic. Its the moving into abuse/dependence territory that’s problematic. If you find a way to get him to stop, please come back and let us know. I’ve got 15 teens with serious problems who live in fantasy land (and no, I’m not talking about recreational use… although I dont condone that with teens, I also dont worry about it until they’re abusing the drug)

Answer #7

for me, weed helps me relax, it helps me open up socially, I just calms me, or helps my mood. it does taste good and its just like my time to just chill. The way I view it, its not much different than someone coming home from work and drinkin a few beers. But it is different for most people, and it just depends on how you choose to use it. Just express to your friend how you feel, tell him your concerned. He might laugh in your face, but he might listen, but you wont know until you do it. Hope I helped =]

Answer #8

Altered reality.

If you don’t like how you feel, you change it. All drugs (including pot and alcohol) change our perspective.

Some people are wired with addictive personalities, where drug and alcohol use are simply symptoms of deeper problems…your friend sounds like he could be one of these people.


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