What happens if you smoke weed and coke in a joint?

what happens if you smoke weed and coke in a joint?
does it mess your insides up...?
because me and my friend got some weed off some 1 and we think it might of had coke sprinkled on it

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that is referred to as a coco puff and basically it just gets you extremely high. if you do it for a prolonged period of time you can suffer brain damage, and it doesn't take long to become addicted to coke especially if you're smoking it. but I really doubt a dealer decided to waste some of his coke to get you extra high for free.

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some people call it lacing a joint down here, it gets people spaced and is apparently a very strong high, but smoking coke makes it the most addictive it can be. although it could have had coke mixed, it's a more expensive drug, so cutting weed down with coke isn't something a normal dealer would do, it could have been the white thc you saw on the weed, lots of thc would get you more stoned than an average deal

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