What does this mean if I feel like a wolf?

Im a human but I feel like a wolf. I need some advice. Please give me some advice because this is weird!

Answer #1

uhh.. I don’t know either I have the same problem that I need help with.I always think like a wolf and have the urge to be outside at all times.I love raw meat and love to hunt with my bare hands and teeth. I howl, bark, growl , and whimper and whine like a wolf. I have grown up w/ this pack of wolves that are around my house thts out in the middle of the woods. I have a very keen sense of smell and awesome hearing, and I even have the best night vision, the eye doctor told me I have over the best eye sight you can have. I love huntin w my pack. I am a very fast runner on all fours.probably better than standing.but the wild always calls me in. even when the wolves howl at night I have to leave my house. I stay up all night and sleep mabey 2hrs. I am 14yr old girl and my suggestion is that it depends if you fell the urge to be like a wolf go with it. I have always been like this even before I could talk and walk, I can communicate with the wolves and they are like my other family. I have scars from fighting but the fights only last a minute until the pack leader stops it.my parents think its weird when I come home covered in blood and I just say I was hunting and they just look at me and laugh but w/e its just how I am. I have helped take down white tailed deer and love the taste of the blood and meat so if you have serious urges like that its better to let them out than to keep them in..good luck.an if any one has some advice could you give me some.thanx

Answer #2

okay, only thing I can possibly think of is split personality’s. split personality is when you develop different characters in your mind you think you portray. it might seem uncanny to have one that is a wolf yet in some scenarios, it was been reported that some people think they are babies.they actually developed to think they are new borns it randomly kick in. so poeple see this 20 year old just lying on the floor. the next miinute their a doctor. the next minute their a singer or even something as silly as a dinosaur.

so really split personality can be anything even an animal. do you start to act like a wolf, or you just fee like you are one? if your actually barking at people growling I take your self to a shrink.

also put into consideration mental disorders that run in your family. normally, people who get split personality’s are people who experience something extremely traumatic. as a defense mechanism of the mind they revert into thinking they are different people. just think if you dad beat you every day, did not feed you. would you rather be someone else? so they start to pretend they are someone else that eventually is how multiple personalities happen.

or it could be a out of body experience, not the ones where you leave the body soar other dimensions. it is called dissociation it is where you experience everything from a 3ed prospective. yum really don’t feel emotions you operate like a robot. you basically shut out the world, you experience things in a different way. if you where to move you hands you not see it as you doing it. you see it as someone else. this comes from traumatic events also it is another way the mind copes with pain. so maybe you are feeling a metaphor of disassociation.

maybe you are sane you are like me you watch a movie, you get emotional into it. I guess being compassionate can be a double switch blade, when watching movies. have you ever watch a movie when the man was holding his breath have you ever done the same thing? you hold you breath the exact moment he hold his? lol I have, I cant handle sad movies. I watch any movie about war war 2 I start to feel like I can’t breath. im influenced when it comes to movies maybe you are too. do you put your self in other peoples shoes? I do that allot maybe you just do the same. your putting your self in his shoes that’s what directors want us to do. I mean think we like what movie we are missing in our life’s. I have been watching allot action movies lately I feel my life is to status quo. I feel like I am missing excitement in my life so I get it out of movies. that’s what movies do they influence as make as scared, sad, thrilled. we get these emotions because we can relate to them, or we think how would I feel? so maybe the movie just hit close to home you are wodering what be like to be like that character. as long as you are not barking at anyone or displaying any biting lol you should be fine!

Answer #3

Some people identify more with the spirit or characteristics or a particular animal than human beings. This may or may not be a problem, depending on how you look at it, or how far you take it. It could be considered a mental disorder, or it could just be considered an eccentric lifestyle choice. Maybe the most well known and extreme example of a person who has chosen to ‘become’ an animal to match their outward appearance to their inner feelings is Dennis Avner, aka Catman. Stalking Cat is of Native American descent and has chosen to follow his totem, the Tiger, after talking with a spiritual guide. He has modified his appearance to more resemble a tiger complete with facial tattooing and metal studs that whiskers can be screwed into. Just because you say you ‘feel like a wolf’ doesn’t mean you have to or would even want to take it as far as Catman. Maybe you just admire wolves for their beauty and sense of loyalty to their pack, their wild and free nature and find comfort in the loneliness of their howl.

Answer #4

hey I have seen new moon but I dont really feel like jacob..caz like when people tlk bout wolves and stuff like that I get like a feeling

Answer #5

I’ve heard of other people feeling this way. They would go out into the woods at night and just walk around lol

Answer #6

Well, I get that alot too and I am not mental. I love wolves, they are my favourite animals and I collect wolf items and I love night and the moon more than the sun and daylight. Dont worry, it may not be normal but you aren’t going crazy. If u are the same as me, then you may just have a stronger link with our ancestors than usual, it is a good thing most of the time. I still have loads of friends and I have good education so it shouldn’t make too much of an impact in your life. I find comfort in howls.

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