What do you think about pitbulls?

What do you guys think about pits…

Answer #1

I am getting really annoyed with these dumb small minded people talking bad about pitbull terriers. I have owned a red devil pitbull for 14 years and I also have two of her puppies from birth. Firstly, there is no such thing as a mechanism which enables them to lock their jaw it is a myth. Next thing is they are the same as humans. If you breed ANY ANIMAL or human to be violent, then they will indeed be violent. My dogs have grown up with love and affection and their only goal is to look after my children and please me at every opportunity. Naturally these dogs wil excell at any task given to them which unfortunately includes fighting. The dogs that attack humans you can guarantee have been either bred for fighting or have been ill treated. The police are quick to ban pitbulls but why not man dobermanns who have a history of more murders than pits? Any why have they not done post mortems on pits? This would prove they are born with perfectly normal brains and do not have some fantasy cells which would make them any more tempremental than any other dog. Also I would like to make a comment on the recent death of a young girl in England. HER UNCLE WAS INVOLVED IN DOG FIGHTING!!! He was purposely breeding dogs and keeping dogs for dog fighting!!! So how do you think those dogs were kept? I will tell you, he was probably kept in a dark cupboard most of the day and tossed raw meat. Beated with metal rods at every opportunity, sliced with a knife to get him used to pain tied to a treatmill for hours on end and beaten if he tried to sit, trained with a sleeve that fits on a persons arm and told to totally tear it apart or get beaten, starved for days to encourage anger, tell me, how would you react to humans if you had an opportunity to be around a weak one for a second if you were treated this way? WAKE UP PEOPLE and do some research!!! Oh and just for the record, my neighbours son would be dead today if it were not for my dog who jumped in the sea to drag him out, its funny when I wrote to the papers about it they didnt want to know. The police need to take some responsibility and instead of destroying loving pets, go after the breeders that breed for fighting dogs, go after the organisers of dog fights and go after the owners that abuse their animals. But no its far easier for you to say its due to the animals nature huh!!

Answer #2

Pits are the BEST dogs I have ever had. I currently have 5 and am starting a kennel. IGNORANCE and STUPUIDITY cause my dogs and pit bulls in general to have a very bad rap. If people would do research and get to know the dog would would not have the problems we have with them having such a bad rap. My dogs are FAMILY oriented dogs… all my puppies will be raised in a FAMILY enviroment… my teenage kids will be helping with the kennel. These dogs have been used in MANY important time: In WW1, 9/11/01 they were used as search and rescue dogs. They are being used by many police forces across the US. The DEA used/uses them. They have been used therapy… and the GOOD list goes on and on. EDUCATION about the good side of the dogs is needed. PEOPLE make dogs bad… dogs are NOT born bad and don’t have genes that make them bad. I love my dogs… I love pit bulls. Please be educated and help us save our dogs… don’t be ignorant and stupid about a dog breed… do research, know the truth before you judge.

Answer #3

love pit bulls but it depends on the dogs personality like the others say they do have a bad rep/ I always wanted a pit bull but my family had a bunch of rottwilers

Answer #4

See their huge jaw muscles, no dog for children, as they age, they get real possessive at their food dish. When they bite, they can clamp down for hours. And, not a pretty sight when bred with a border collie thinking they could “work” sheep. Put them to rest along with the malamutes, sorry.

Answer #5

I used to feel that pitbulls could be and were loving dogs. That they were only catagorized as mean and vicous. That changed a couple of days ago though. My cousin was walking my pug down a friendly neighborhood street, with children running around. There was no beware of dog sign yet they had a dangerous dog that ran lose. Needless to say he ran out of the house and attacked my dog, and this wasnt the first time he attacked a dog. What if its a child next time? The owner claims him to be a nice dog. Miracoulsey my dog is alive, his side is torn up though and we have hundred of dollars in vet bills. I dont think that pittbulls are proper pets, they can change its in there blood to be attack dogs.

Sorry about the bad spelling

Answer #6

My point is, dogs would not have ever been domestic if it wasn’t for the wolf. They didn’t come out of thin air! In spite of what people say, dogs come from wolves, I know this, I work and Volunteer at Zoos and Animal Shelters-Also with veterinarians. You see, if there were never humans, there wouldn’t have been dogs because dogs have been evolved into trained creatures. Maybe I didn’t get my point out right. I blame the behavior of a lot of the so called “evil” Pitts because people encourage them to fight and what-not. It’s ridicules you have to pay extra property taxes or whatever if you own one, it is here. Most are perfectly sweet, they just have a horid reputation, although I was bit, I blame the owners, not the dog.

Answer #7

Well no actually ^^ They’re not derived from wolves. This may thought becuase of the behaviour of some pitbulls. People may link the fierceness and wildness of some pitbulls to wolves. They were originally used as working dogs.. and were bought up to become violent. Thenn bull baiting started.. (a horrible ‘sport’). The aggressiveness of some of these animals are in the genes.


Answer #8

I think PitBulls are the way they are because people made them that way.

When I was seven I was bit by one, but I do not blame the creature, they are originated from the Wolf= a wild Animal.

Answer #9

I like Pit Bulls, and have nothing against them! I also think they get a bad rap! Any breed of dog can be mean and attack! I think it all has to do with the way the owner of the Pit, trains and cares for the dog.

Answer #10

I think if you really want to know what I think about pitbulls you should look it up on youtube and watch videos, there are a lot of great pitbulls

Answer #11

It’s in their genetics to be territorial/protective. With proper training, they are fine pets. But know that some cities restrict some breeds including pit bulls. And some insurance companies cite higher premiums if you have pit bulls or other breeds that are concidered problematic.

Answer #12

I think there really good dogs as long as you dont train em to be a fighter you wont really have to worry as much about the dog attacking you but with every dog theres that little chance they’ll attack

Answer #13

They get a bad rap. The only mean ones I’ve seen are the ones who were trained to be that way..

Answer #14

I use to hate Pitbulls until I got one my freshman yr, He is a “ MOO-MOO” pattern pit. I have had Rottwilers before but my step dad at the time had lost his dog probably from coyotes or the neighbors shooting him. But we went to the pound and he just got there and we adopted him, His name is Lucky and he was 3-4 months old. We got him fixed at six months. And he was raised the RIGHT WAY and was raised around other dogs that were raised right also. Now he is 3 years old and we have 2 to other pits, We got a puppy named Papi ( yes after the baseball player) he is black with a white strip on his chest, and we just adopted another pit but she is a red pit and probably prego… But many of my friends already have said that if she has puppies that they will take one or two. It really depends on how they are raised and we have raised them the right way, they protect us and let us know if someone is on our property. The even let little kids ride them and “ beat “ on their sides like a drum, I wouldn’t trade them if someone offered me a million dollars… they are great dogs.

Answer #15

they’re great dogs, like people said they have a bad rep.. theyre natural instincts are to fight, but if you get them as a young puppy and train it to be nice its a great pet. my step brother has one and I love it

Answer #16

LOVE EM!! omg I sooo want one but we cant right now. . . . . :-(

Answer #17

they are so cute!!!

Answer #18

I’ve just heard bad things about them…of course I’ve the same thing about Chows.

Answer #19

I LOVE PITS especially my 2. greatest dogs on earth

Answer #20

I’ve had a pit, and a pit/shepard mix. I loved them both. they were both great dogs. very outgoing and playful. also very protective. the pit wouldn’t let anyone he didn’t know come close to me when I brought him out. the pit/shepard would growl and bark at my ex when we would fight. they need lots of attention and lots of room to run. they are not bad dogs. people are bad to dogs.

Answer #21

its ironic… “warmheart” is so “cold” about a breed of dogs who, because of idiotic PEOPLE cough mike vick cough, is always going to raise fear in those who do not understand them, or how they are trained.

Answer #22

I love them by the way that puppy is sooo cute

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