Who thinks that pitbulls are nice and sweet dogs when trained right???


All i ever hear about pitbulls are that there mean and killers thats only because there raised wrong!!! dont yall agree theres a higher chance of you getter bit by a shark than a pitbulll!! :)

Answer #1

They’re ugly & look mean ):

Answer #2

No there NOT??? there very sweet??? and pretty?!?!

Answer #3

not to me :// i guess im just not into big scary dogs, i like yorkies & Pomeranians :3

Answer #4

I have owned pitbulls and used to foster care for a local shelter when they needed room for them. I think they are gorgeous dogs. When they are shown love and treated right they are sweet and huge babies. It p!sses me off that because of trashy ass people who use them to fight, they have a bad reputation and get put down faster than other dogs. Dont blame the dog, blame the owner.

Answer #5

i personally think there cute and all but big dogs are better no offense.

Answer #6

I do. Honestly I think any dog in this world who is mean and vicious just obviously wasn’t raised right and wasn’t shown a lot of love and dogs need love. I think pit bulls can be great dogs when raised right and I think they’re cute in a weird way when they’re not mean lol

Answer #7

thank you exactlly i own a red nose pit named shadow and hes just so sweet and i got a 4 year old bro? and they get along and he gets along with my kittens??

Answer #8

They are so ugly they are cute and they can be nice tempered dogs as long as they are trained correctly.

Answer #9

I believe that pit bulls CAN be aggressive, and dangerous. If they are treated right, and trained well…I believe they can be just as friendly as a poodle, or golden retriever.

I think people don’t like them because of what they can do…and what they are bred to do.

I have been around several pit bulls, and every single one of them were sweet, affectionate, happy, and playful. They didn’t viciously bark or growl at me, and they didn’t bite me, or attempt to bite me.

But, I personally don’t like the breed. I don’t want one as a pet. I would rather have a small, cute, cuddly, furry, dog. Like a toy poodle, or teacup yorkie.

Answer #10

I love yorkies! :D Especially the teacup, or miniature ones! :D

Answer #11

They are not bad dogs at all io have a bluse nosed pitbull girl her names bailey an she is amzin for bein a pitbull an they learn very easy! I really see nothin wrong with them.. But if your dogs bites someone destroys somethin an people wanna call the cops make sure ur dog has shots before that happens

Answer #12

I do. I love Pitbulls. They’re soo pretty. They are really nice if trained right. People just look at the ones from Pitbull fights and think they are all like that. They don’t realize what torture those poor dogs have been through that made them mean.

Answer #13

Although I appreciate the enthusiasm, odds of being bitten by a shark are actually pretty low. However, given a choice between shark infested water and pit bulls, I’d probably pick the dogs. I agree that they can be trained right, but personality is part of the breed. It doesnt mean they will be aggressive, but that they can be. More so than other breeds of dogs. The reputation is probably overblown though.

Answer #14

I do! Pitbulls are awesome!!! But golden retrievers are the cutest bestest dogs in the whole wide world=) also huskies! I love all dogs. I love cats more especially Patches<3. Heck i love all animals, except monkeys i hate monkeys and c*ckroaches 2 eeew

Answer #15

I think the aggressive trait is always there in the bread. No matter how well they are trained, there is always the off chance that something will go wrong and that repressed aggressive behavior will rear its ugly head. I do know there was a list of 3 breads of dogs that I can’t have and keep my home owners insurance, and pit bulls where on the top of that list.

Also I think they are fugly.

Answer #16

I do too!! If they are trained properly they are very nice dogs! If you show you pitbull lots of love and get it train right it’ll be as harmless as a chiwawawa!

Answer #17

I agree. It’s not the breed it’s the owners. Every dog, regardless of breed, can attack or sadly, kill people if they are not raised properly. There are plenty of cases where smaller breeds have attacked and inflicted serious injuries on humans. The only thing about the Pitball is that it has a much stronger, more muscular build, so has the POTENTIAL to inflict serious injuries upon someone if it is raised poorly. People have exploited the breed because of this, and so it has been wrongly labelled as a ‘killer’, and has a bad reputation. Plenty of pitfalls are very gentle, loving and wouldn’t hurt a fly. All the breed needs is a responsible owner, who has experience with dogs and is able to raise the dog appropriately.

Answer #18

I do I had a loving female pit bull she was the biggest sweetheart the males tend to be more agressive.

Answer #19

i can’t really comment as i’ve never owned one and i think there are alot of injustices surrounding the views on dog breeds but they are labelled dangerous dogs for a reason. i think that it is a common misconception to think that it is up to the owner to make it a good dog as although this is mostly true, a dog’s mind is being influenced from the minute it is born from mothers, environment and siblings.

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