What do I do when my pregnant Chihuahua is having babies?

I had a female chihuahua since december 7,2006 and I took her to the vet and they said shes pregnant since august…what do I do when her babies are born?

Answer #1

you leave it in a room with the boy its mating with so thats all bye bye

Answer #2

da common sense would be to call your vet way in advance, to be properly prepared, or an animal resgue league, I once had kittens on my third fl porch called animal places that do not believe in killing strays. They were great sometimes I called 3 times a day after they nursed and ready to go the animal leaque found homes for all of them. Humans need neutered or fixed idiots, how many children die each yr from abuse & neglect. Good Luck w/ your babies & forget the IDIOTS

Answer #3

You need to set up an area for her to give birth. Then have your vet check her out, if this is her 1st litter your are going to have to watch her and see if she needs any help during labor. My female gave birth to four chihuahua puppies for the 1st time and with the 1st pup she needed a lil help and with the fourth one too. As for editor comment it was a little harsh, I run a pitbull and chihuahua rescue and I do know the problem with over breeding and back yard breeders, puppy mills and strays having puppies. I have put many rescues in to good homes and they deserve a 2nd chance at a good home. About 75% of those home where to older people who wanted a dog who been house broken and some what trained. Now there are people who want a puppy so they can watch it grow like it was there own kid and I belive they should have that chance. If you can’t deal with the fact that 200 to 300 dogs get put down aweek then mybe you should work at a no kill shelter.

Answer #4

That last comment was a little harsh (editor) she just asked a question. Just make sure she has a comfortable quiet place inside of course. Most births go just fine so just keep an eye on her when the time comes & let nature take its course. If you have any questions call your (or a) vet and they will help you through it. Good luck. Oh and to the comment previously I am well aware of the unwanted animals I have beed dedicated to helping abandoned and neglected animals for 17 years.

Answer #5

I agree with editor-

So many dogs and cats do get put to sleep EVERY day. In fact I was just at my local animal shelter not too long ago.. Its heartbreaking to see how many dogs and cats are there, with no homes… And its not their fault. Its OUR fault. No one takes the time to get their animals fixed..


so sad.

PS- Its also sad how many people buy bred dogs that cost any where from $100 - $1,000, when their are thousands of dogs at local shelters with no homes, who cost about $50-$75. (A small adoption fee, for the price of shots and being fixed)

Answer #6

you guys are retards you dont just nutuer your pets becuase theres already to many dogs if you nutere all dogs then there will be no dogs left so that show how smart the humane societies are I mean ya theres always going to have dogs get pu to sleep and yeah 200-300 dogs are put to sleep but how many of them are from hteese kind of situations you let your dog have thoose babies and dont give her no stupid abortion would you get a abortion becuase theres to many humans in th world thats like taking away a life dumbies and I hope that awnserers your quetsion so yeah dont listen to editor shes just really sensitive over nothing

Answer #7

no editor your a retard you dont abort them you have ethe baby thats like killing a baby becuase to many kids are in the world and its way more worse then to put them to sleep your killing them now listenn to me not the retard editor have thoos e babies were she want them put a few boxes out for her to choose her most comftarble to have her babies and let her have them and yeah hat is the longest dog pregnancies and editor I have a question yeah 200- 300 dogs and cats are put to sleep but how many people of them are put to sleep for this kind of situation I mean really tell me miss I know everything you look really dumb now I just pulled your spot

Answer #8

You can call me harsh if you want. I’m the one who has to see dead dogs and cats everyday because of situations like this.

Maybe he/she should think about it.

Answer #9

Well, first you should sign up for Guiness Book of Records…this has to be the longest doggie pregnancy on record.

Dogs are pg for only 62 days…so take the dog back in, and get her a check up and a spay…there’s an overload of unwanted pets in the world already.


Answer #10

You don’t…you take her to the vet and get her spayed and the babies aborted. Do you know how many animals are put to sleep every year because people are too irresponsible to spay and neuter their pets? MILLIONS.

I work in a Humane Society in Miami. We get 30 calls per day of people who need to give up an animal. And guess what? The Animal Control in my city puts 200-300 dogs to sleep every WEEK because people don’t spay and neuter their pets, don’t know what they’re doing, and let them breed.

You have no clue what you’re doing. Why would you bring dogs into an already overpopulated world?

Answer #11

How can you tell her to abort her dogs babies .. its just what they do when dogs are unwanted you agreeing to have them killed .. that makes you just as bad as people who dont want dogs .. if her dog is already pregnant why cant she find a good home for them there are millions of people how can you know there is not a few homes near here that may take good care of em .. you are heartless

I agree only in that fact that if people dont know where there new borns are going to be going and have homes for them for sure they shouldnt have babies .. but to abort them … thats like saying youd abort your own child because theres to many kids in the world ..

Answer #12

my dog is going to have babies.. im excited. I dont want a dog from the pound because I want to raise mine from a puppy. a lot of people are like that. I cant help there are too many unkept dogs in this world but, I take care of mine and the people that get my babies take care of them. she asked for facts on what to do during birth for her dog NOT for your chitty azz opinion EDITOR

Answer #13

my dog had a miss care and I dont what to do because she still had puppy but I have not seem but three puppy and they was die please help me to help my dog I love my dog

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