What do homeschoolers actually think about being homeschooled?

Well I’m homeschooled, and I have been for about 4 years, pretty much through my whole entire highschool years. It has it’s ups, and it has its downs. Like I don’t get to go to pep rallys, or do spirit week, or go to school dances or what not. There is a lot I do miss out on, but then again I don’t have to worry about the hassle of waking up early in the morning, or worry about a paper being due at a certain point because I work on my own time, and finish at my own pace. I was just wondering what other homeschoolers feel about being homeschooled, do you like it, or do you wish you went to a real school? Right now, I wish I was in a real highschool, because I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot of things.

Answer #1

hahaha I starting home schooling this past year and I liked the normal school but also like the whole on my own schedule/dont have to get up early thing! I honestly liked the normal highschool better though even though I had to get up a 6 in the morning and be at school at 6:25 I still liked it much much more! my god sister has been in homeschooling her whole life and finally starting going to a normal school last year and she LOVED it! she thought it was MUCH better than homeschooling! so yea if you get the chance you should go into a normal school! goodluck with whatever comes your way!

Answer #2

When I was homeschooled I participated in a co-op. I would take classes at home like a normal homeschooler, but I also took a couple classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays with other homeschool kids. That way I still got to meet new friends and I had that little extra help for the classes I strugged in.

We also had homeschool organizations that set up things like proms and sports teams for kids that were homeschooled. So I still got to go to prom and my brother still got to play soccer :)

I really enjoyed being homeschooled, but my time in public school wasnt so bad either :)


Answer #3

I’ve been homeschooled for two years. Started when I was 14, worse time to start I was going thru puberty lol and hormonal as hell. I hated it when I first started, I didn’t get to go to dances, no games, no spirit week either. It seemed like all my friends were having the best time and I was stuck at home on my computer. NOW HOWEVER, I enjoy it. I realized the hard way that none of the people I thought were my friends, were. They began spreading rumors about me, and leaving me hate mail everywhere!! Plus my best best friend moved to another town, the guy I was in love with (my first love) moved also. There was no point to go back. I wasn’t learning enough at the public school. I was so angry for so long at my parents for ‘ruining my life’ but now, I appreciate it sooo much! AT 15 I started going to college, im turning 17 in September and will have enough credits to graduate highschool completely. And by 19 I will be able to support myself and move out. I enjoy being homeschooled now, and your not socially deprived. I go to karate, fencing classes (swords), I teach at my church, and I do have a lot MORE friends. I have friends spend the night, I go over to friends houses, If anything, I have more freedom and fun being homeschooled than going to a public school where everyone thought it was fun and cool to fail classes.

Answer #4

I get home tutored since january 2010 because of constant horrible migrane headaches I was having everyday, they were affecting my absences so much I was on the verge of losing my credits (which isnt an option bc I am a SENIOR! and cant wait to graduate..haha) so I got put on home tutoring..I only have a teacher come 2 days a week so my schedule is pretty much free all the time. I get a lot less work and its a lot less stressful, since when I was in school I would be absent so much and be behind in my work. but it is sooo boring omg. sometimes I wish I would have stayed in school but I guess this is better for me being sick all the time. ): it sucks because I pretty much have no social life except for seeing my boyfriend (THANK GOD 4 HIM) I see him everyday.. but I agree homeschooling kinda sucks.

Answer #5

Well rockstar_wannabe I disagree about the whole homeschooling is for people who are expelled and have no friends haha. the reason im homeschooled is because I happen to live in a different country atm and my mom doesn’t wanna pay 15,000$ a year for me to attend an american schoool haha. so im homeschooled. which sucks but yeah haha.

Answer #6

IT SUCKED!!!. atleast I got a 3.5 gpa (I cheated :P) . but I went back to public school. home school is for people who got expelled, or have no friends

Answer #7

I have alwasy wanted to be home school b/c I struggle in school bur my mom says that the best place for me is at a public school

Answer #8

I’ve been homeschooled for about three years now. I’ve enjoyed it for a while since I’ve had some troubles at a regular school before but now I’m getting ready to go back and I’m going to be starting at a high school for next year. There is the positive side to homeschooling like you said like not having to worry about waking up early and not worrying about getting ready everyday. But I want to go back simply because I want more friends and to have a social life for once and because I also feel that I’m missing out on things

Answer #9

Hmmm, lets think about what I am missing out on being homeschooled:

  1. Being made fun of because I am bisexual.
  2. Being made fun of because I sometimes wet myself.
  3. Having to go to the nurses office when I can, not when I need to use my asthma machine.
  4. Getting sick a LOT more, basically being sick every day with at least one acquired illness.
  5. Extra hospital visits.
  6. Having to be in a class of about 50-60 people (the whole grade, not one classroom) and having my dating choices severely limited as well as my friend choices.
  7. Having to attend pointless assemblies and other activities.

What I get:

  1. I can do my work at night when it is easier for me to be awake an think.
  2. Privacy I need.
  3. Privacy I like.
  4. I can go to my friend’s houses whenever I want and hang out on the weekdays. (cept the unlucky few who go to school)
  5. I am involved with Girl Scouts and with community projects like cleaning up local parks and roads.
  6. I get to take care of a lot of wildlife and get to be mere feet and inches from wild and feral animals.
  7. I get to study what I want to, often scouring the internet for over 4 hours a day, just filling my head with info.
  8. I can be here on forums like this on a weekday \o/
  9. I can attend any school dances I want to in HS while being homeschooled or school sports events if I were really inclined to.
  10. Free time to explore who I am and what the universe is!
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