What country are you from?

It just seems like I am the only scottish person on funadvice.com lol. What country are you from?And I will answer any scottish questions you have, we dont actually eat haggis all day and wear tartan kilts lol x

Answer #1

I love Scottish accent. Do you have an accent??

Answer #2

let me just say I love scots lolz and I have seen a lot of scottish kids on f.a. I am from u.s.a. (new york WOOP) but my father is from the dominican republic and my mother is puerto rican so I am caribbean basically :D

Answer #3

im irish :D well… northern irish :p

and I have a ton of family in scotland its a pretty awesome place :)

I go to america like every year and I just LOVE the accents! I really wanna move there when im older!!

Answer #4

Never heard of any of them.

Answer #5

You are sooo lucky. It only snowed New Years Eve here. We got a lot but it is all beginning to melt away…

Answer #6

England - Birmingham

I have funadvise friends from Scotland ;)

at least 1 anyway…

Answer #7

I was born in England but we moved to Ireland when I was about three. Have you had any snow yet. We got loads on New Years Eve and all the roads are really icy:(

Answer #8


:) Sorry closing this, as it’s degenerated into “chat”… you can see what country (or pick one) to find people from, we have members from more than 50 countries, last time I looked (which was over a year ago, we’ve had a lot o people sign up since).

Answer #9

I aggree ! Especially girls aloud and the saturdays . Not so crazy about the sugababes though … .. Westlife are good to .. because there irish .. lol !! Xo:)

Answer #10

Aw thats deadly ..I’d love to meet them they are great singers just wouldnt be in my top 5 … Are they nice people ? Xo:)

Answer #11

Omg really??They are the best :)

Answer #12

Tbh, I havent even heard of them lol. Do you listen to The Saturdays,Sugababes,Girls Aloud?They are all british

Answer #13

What kinda music do Americans listen to?Like your most recent songs?And also just to let you’s know my name isnt really hiyax, it is Nicole:)

Answer #14

Owl City is great especially the song called Fireflies.

Answer #15

Oh cool I have been to Dublin before:)Its great, I love all the shops:)Yeah I know not much people from the UK is there?

Answer #16

Cool is Elementry like primary school, and is middle school first and second year, and is high school 3rd 4th 5th and 6th?And lol so you do have the mean girls in your school?:L

Answer #17

We do have the popular groups in school lol. We just have Elementary, Middle and High school.

Answer #18

I’m from the philippines… sO is scotland have too british accent cause your part of the united kingdom right? and connected to england

Answer #19

Elementary is Kindergarten through Sixth grade. Middle school is Seventh through Eighth. High school Ninth through Twelfth.

Answer #20

I live in the cold part of America which is alaska in a small island called kodiak…I moved here when I was five.. I use to live in the Philippines

Answer #21

And that is so cool a mexican-american!And Alaska sounds a cool place to live:)

Answer #22

I am from California, United States. do you normally where kilts? lol

Answer #23

Cool. We speak English and Spanish over here. Im an Mexican American lol.

Answer #24

Lol. I bet it is. Is English the first language in Scotland?

Answer #25

Yeah or gaelic, which I have no idea how to speak lol.And in school we study French or German

Answer #26


Answer #27

Yeah, it was a nightmare when we went on holiday to Ireland, if you ordered anything at the restraunt people would turn and be like I just love your accent,are you scottish?Lol.

Answer #28

Yeah I suppose. our most exciting popstar has got to be Amy Mcdonald, but she was also voted the most annoying accent, which isnt very fair cause she is scotttish, I dont think we speak weird:/

Answer #29

Em yeah, what does it feel like to actually think that your country invented so many things like friends the tv programme and all that, and you have all the greatest popstars? And religionisgood, yeah Scotland is a beautiful country, which part did you visit?

Answer #30

I’m originally from Germany, grew up in the US, now live in Germany again. I’ve been to Scotland once, it’s incredibly beautiful. I hope to go back again soon.

Answer #31

Kilts, well I have never wore one(cause im a girl). Men sometimes wear them at weddings, and sometimes guys wear them to their proms, but we dont wear them very often, scottish people dress normally too, they wear things like jeans, tops, etc.

Answer #32

Yeah the whole 13 years lol.Yeah I have been to all different parts of Scotland on holiday as well, the countryside and mountains are beautiful, especially if its sunny

Answer #33

Nope we never wear kilts unless its a special occasion like a wedding, proms, etc.Oh I do have a question, like in american movies, I dont get the whole schooling system, like middle school?And do American schools have like the whole popular group?:L In scottish schools we get nursery, which is what you would call preschool?Then primary school, then highschool.And we dont have a popular crowd we are all pretty friendly lol

Answer #34

Scotland is a great country, but even in the summer it is freezing, and our idea of a nice day in summer is if it is dry lol.So I advise you if you ever come to scotland wear a big coat, if its winter, and bring a normal coat for summer lol

Answer #35

Cool.Is america good? And yeah bagpipes are a common instrument in scotland, they are usually played at weddings, or new year:)I find it weird on this site cause it has the time s 3:48Am and over in scotland it is 11:55 in the morning

Answer #36

I’m from America. Is a bagpipe a common instrument in Scotland?? Just wondering lol.

Answer #37

im from america and nc but im scottish

Answer #38

I am from South Africa.

Answer #39

I’m from ireland..! the irish and the scottish like each other because neither of us like the english..!! haha…

Answer #40

I’m part scottish. aha I’m from America, though.

Answer #41

Oh yeah it hasnt stopped snowing here in 2 weeks

Answer #42

hi im from the philippines. its 11:46PM here, January 2, 2010. :D haven’t met any scots here yet..

Answer #43

Yeah Westlife are great, I love their song what about now:)I have been to see Sugababes twice in concert and met them:)

Answer #44

Yeah they are quite nice, my wee sister got a picture taken with 2 of them:)

Answer #45

We listen to stuff like that too!Minus Owl City:L

Answer #46

Hi Nicole. We listen to people like Lady GaGa, Kings Of Leon, Owl City, Beyonce, and Rihanna.

Answer #47

Lol this is a popular question:)

Answer #48

im from america but I live in germany and im french:) so im a mut!!:)I would love to go to ireland!

Answer #49

And yeah Dylan it is connected to England, but Scottish have a complete different accent compared to English:)

Answer #50

Ooh! hehe…nice I learned something tnx.

Answer #51

Im from dublin . I know how ye feel there doesn’t seem to be many dubs on this thing either lol !! Xo:)

Answer #52

Wow Fifty answers in one day lol. Thats a lot.

Answer #53

Actually in less then two hours. Wowzers.

Answer #54

Lol I know.

Answer #55

Lol, its actually quite gross seeing a grown guy wear a kilt lol x

Answer #56

Yeah I kehn Lol x

Answer #57

Lol they arent really, just normal it seems:)

Answer #58

I think they are awesome lol. They have the guts to wear kilts.

Answer #59

I want an accent haha thats awesome lol… England baby!! Would love to ship off to NZ tho :D maybe in many years to come :)

Answer #60

No Problem:)

Answer #61

I live in scottland.

Answer #62

Eh not really lol.Any more scottish questions?

Answer #63

Why are Scottish people so cool? lol

Answer #64

Lol I love the american accent.Wanna swap?:L

Answer #65

Sure lol. Any other American questions??

Answer #66

Yeah you never know:)

Answer #67

Not all that exciting. Too many famous people from America.

Answer #68

That is so cool. I want an accent lol.

Answer #69

Oh ok lol. Thats cool. Any questions for an American?

Answer #70

EgYpT So Take Care Of Curse Of The Pharaohs !! :)

Answer #71

Cool.Is Egypt as nice as they say it is?

Answer #72

I will keep that in mind lol. Have you lived your whole life in Scotland?

Answer #73

Wow that is weird lol.It has just turned 12 in the afternoon now.

Answer #74

That is weird lol. I would love to visit Scotland one day.

Answer #75

America is ok lol. It is six in the morning over here in Texas.

Answer #76

When do you wear kilts in Scotland??

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Answer #78

Argentina Posados

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