Who could please give me some information on buddhism?

I am starting to research Buddhism. I love learning about all religions and still have yet to find one that feels right for myself. Any information as to what/who/how/why/when ... anything about the religion that you know, I would love to hear.

I have done some googling but it was quite unsuccessful, and I've found that wikipedia is too factual.

Anything from their teachings, origination, practice... etc...

Thanks in advance :)

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That is a very good thing that you are learning about religions things,I like religions things too,about Buddhism,it is some thing that God use too love a lot,it is a very good religions thing too have,also too learn more about it though,you sould go too

http://www.buddhism.com/ and their you will see some things that will help you.

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it was found by Sidartha Gautama I think its wrong spelling but yeah, and umm they beleive in the 8 circle and englightment,

thats all I can remember frm my research,, sorry..

Is Buddhism more of a philosophy than a religion?

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I can tell you a lot about Buddhism, but it would take ages (the Tipitaka - our *bible* is 40 volumes long).

This site gives you a lot of information in a simple, easy to understand method for people who are just learning:

bad to find Buddhism interesting?

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