What could i use to help cover up the scent of female dog in heat ?

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Trust the clorox & water advice...I am an animal control officer,N.A.C.A certified . Doggie pants Do work well also ,but you will need to keep them checked,changed frequently and clean-up of your dog...just like with a baby.

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Don't you dare do that!! You're only going to be able to "cover" the oder until you can't smell it (if you can now)...the male dogs will be able to smell it 6 months after she's out of heat...their noses are THAT good.

Go to Petco or another pet store, and get her a little puppy panties...that will help (it also keeps blood from dripping onto your floors.)

This is what they look like...


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dont put menthol on her tail...that is used in a stud horses nose when a mare in season is close by on a trail ride or arena..it could make the dog drool or sick. if she pees outside,spray down area with 1/4 cup bleach per gallon of water to help stop male dogs in area from smelling her pheromones.

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I have put vicks vaporub and bengay on plastic bags and the outside of her panties and let them near her. They shake their heads and walk away. Eventually they try again but you can get sleep if you keep her two rooms away with someone to keep her company. The smells keep the males quiet for the night

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