Do female dogs have to be in heat to get pregnant?

I have a female shi tzu and a male yorkie. over the past week the have been stuck together over a dozen times. im almost sure my female is not in heat. I just wanted to know could she still be pregnant although she's not in heat?

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yeah, they do my dog comes in to heat 2 times a year,

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My red heeler is pregnant, when she will have her puppies in 62 days? Can she have her babies early? Give me some advice to do or help? thnks.

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she has to be in heat
my dad is breeding my girl puppy
cus well shes a pure bred golden retriever
and so he wants babies
and we can only do it when shes in heat

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There is what they call silent heat.

Where the female is bred before she shows signs of being in heat.

Your dog is bred.

Remember this 7 days coming in, 7 days in heat, 7 days going out.

21 days of heat cycle.

With Mother Nature nothing is for sure.

So your dog was in between the 7 coming in and 7 days in and he got her.

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I have had several litters and the best time to breed a female is 9-12days after she starts bleeding. This is almose a sure thing... not to say it can't happen before or after those days... they can give birth as early as day 56 but mine have always landed around 60 or 62

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She could very well be pregnant, you should not let them tie anymore, her eggs can be fertilized during different times. This can lead to her going into labor and some of the puppies not being ready to be born yet, resulting in lost puppies.

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