What color wall for an 11 year old girl?

What wall color would be nice for an 11 year old girl? Light blue, lavender, or light green? Someone please answer

Answer #1

Light blue or Light Green. But why don’t you ask her, she’s the one that’ll have to live in the Room.

Answer #2

Ask her what she wants since it’s HER room.. that way if she decides she doesn’t like it it’s her fault XD

Answer #3

I think you should ask her. She will get a lot more pleasure from a room that she helped with. And although they don’t sound very pretty together, the hottest colors for a girls room are pink and green. And they look awesome!!!

Answer #4

I love lavender and light green!

Answer #5

Yes I agree with tknwk - have you thought of letting her pick it herself? You could also tell her there is a strategy that a lot of designers use – whatever looks good on a paint chip sample, go 2 shades lighter when you pick the paint, because it looks darker once it’s on a whole wall. But to let her choose it might give her independance and some confidence.

Answer #6

I work with young people and the girls ALL like the pastel colors. Very pale yellow, pink, lavender. If it is pale, then she can add some touches of color herself. Like a bright bedspread or some fun paintings or prints. You could paint three walls each a different color and then “rag” paint the wall behind her bed with all the colors. That would be pretty!

Answer #7

I like the vertical stripes with all colors my fiances little cousins room is like that but only two colors and its gorgeous.

Answer #8

Definitely Laveneder (of course I’m biased as it is my favorite color)

Answer #9

Why not vertical stripes of all three colors?

Answer #10

lavender is perfect very soft and feminine

Answer #11

I think lavender is good,but what about a light cheery yellow. A very light pastel

Answer #12

Depends what her favorite color out of all of those are. I would prefer lavender, though. If you already have furniture, I would try to see what goes best with it.

Answer #13

Light blue is so beautiful it would be perfect for an 11 year old girl

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