Re-decorating my bedroom for a teen girl

Im 13 and I need to re decorate my room. I have already chosen the bed cover, its from the company called

I want to paint my walls but I dont know what to paint them. Im thinkin purple feature wall with random sized pink dots on it then the other walls maybe a lighter or the same colour as the dots. I also want to make it look real groovy so what else could I do and could you suggest a better idea or bed cover for my room?? Thanks so much.

Answer #1

the site for the bed cover is here:

Answer #2

You should make sure that the room is fine for you to have when ure 16 , as I doubt you cn redecorate evry year. good luck and im shrue it will look lovely

Answer #3

Off white is always good then as you get older you can changer it, put up loads of coulorful poseters and stuff for now and its always easy to re-arrange then get lots of birght cousions and lamps and mabey a rug like ‘intense’ mentioned to brighten things up. hope this helps emma xxx

Answer #4

I’m planning to paint my room & want some girly colours like hot pink. And also I want to select a nice bed cover matching the walls. & how to decorate my room with glittery stuff. Please help me out. Thanks Heshie

Answer #5

I like the bed cover. I think if you had that on your bed you should do a feature wall as a dark pink and the other 3 walls a light baby pink. I have my room painted similar (a bit more purple though) and it looks really good. To make it more funky get different coloured accessories like bright cushions, rugs, a funky lamp. That way, as you get older and more mature it will be easier to transition your room also - just tone down the bright accessories rather than re-paint the walls if you’ve gone and put tacky spots all over them.

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Answer #7

I am also going to paint my room purple, and by the looks of your bed cover if you can paint a zerbra patturn on your wall in black or light pink that might look good?

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