What are some ideas for decorating my new bedroom?

I don’t know if I should keep doing my peace sign theme for my bedroom, or switch over to zebra print. My brother is leaving for college and I get to decorate his room and make it mine. The 1st and 3rd bedset is going to be centered around my theme. Just let me know what you like better.


Answer #1

This one is you: http://funadvice.com/r/15u6rg1lt8d

As for the walls, try doing the zebra print. Something different….unless you want your room to match your bed? HA!

Answer #2

I personally like the peace signs, because the zebra print is just like whoa ZEBRA! :D

Answer #3

Get the room empty, then sit in the middle of the floor and look around. Picture in your mind what you want to see. Picture the bed and other furniture where it will be ect. and think of what you want the room to look like. How you want people such as friends to “feel” when they come in. The new room is a fresh start for ya, so you might come up with something totally different and like it even better.

Answer #4

get paper and pencil. think of your personalitys. put that into colors and designs. (example: happy=bright colors.) once you have the colors and designs in your head, draw it out to see if it looks good. its only your opinion that matters. dont worry what other people think. your room is were you express yourself.

Answer #5

it depends on you. Who u are . Honestly most people dont now that!!!!!!!OMG that sounded so SMART!!!!!!!!:)

Answer #6

Haha :) Thanks Raven :)

Answer #7

Very welcome

Answer #8

You need to text me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

Answer #9

i like the zebra since the colors are neatrul and you can pick fun colors for everything else. with the peace bed spread you are limited to colors that match that bet spread.

Answer #10

neutral* lol sorry

Answer #11

Think of things that appeal to you or even hobbies. When i did my room i thought of music (im obsessed with it) and i love to draw, so i did my room up in music notes, then painted a wall white and it is now full of my best drawings!♪♪ o~o

Answer #12

The peace sign bed is really nice. It really sticks out and the zebra bed doesn’t give enough color and it doesn’t stand out enough. Go with a purple theme like in the picture. I don’t think you need any more of the peace signs because the bed really stands out. You should have a desk that is a glazed tan. That would look really nice. Maybe find a chest for the bottom of the bed. That way you could have storage and a place to sit.

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