What can I do? I love going swimming but I'm too scared?

I was always obsessed with swimming, I started when I was 4 and stopped when I was 11, but still went swimming every weekend and kept in contact with my old swimming teacher. I haven’t been swimming in 2 years now, I’m scared that since I might start bleeding in the water (period) or have forgotton how to swim, I can’t even wear tampons because they scare me. I always dreamt of being in the olympics too, but I know that will never happen now :( What can I do? I’m scared of being in the water again but I miss everything about it?

Answer #1

Kay, so Yah, I had the SAME THING. I was scared. ITs all about putting it in right. IF you do it right it doesn’t feel like ANYTHING. But also, the water stops the flow of it. So you could go swimming without anything (pad/tampon) but I would not reccomend it if you have a heavy flow. Just practice. I had pool classes at my school, so I would try and try. You can go buy a box, and just try until you get it right, and then it is WAY easier from then on.

Answer #2

hi. I am 13 and I love swimming and recently have leveled up.

my story- when I was younger I swam at birch farm, then I stopped in those years without water, I became scared of it and forgot everything. then at the start of 2009 I started swimming again. I now swim at forstreet. and have regained my confidence.

as you said your period will start soon, and you are worried, but so am I as mine is due to start soon. so I would probally either miss the swimming week if your periods on or tampons or in your case try tampons again. anyway my mum told me not to worry because when your in the water, it is very rare for it to happen, I cant remember why, but it was a very good reason so hoped I helped and good luck for when your period stars

Answer #3

jsut try using a tampon. it feels SO much better than a pad…they get like soggy diapers ugh I hate them. do you not know how to use a tampon, is that what scares you? if you put it in correctly, then you can’t even feel it…you forget you even have your period so it cant keep you from doing things you want to do, like swimming! before you swim just always change your tampon thats all! and if youre still paranoid then change it once or twice during a practice. don’t let an everyday thing liek that keep you from pursuing your dreams! if you want to be in the olympics go for it!!!

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