What can I do about global warming?

I’m 15. I love the environment and I would love to help out. Is there something I can do? I don’t exactly know where to start.

Answer #1

1ST before I tell you how to save the environment I MUST tell you it is a complete waste of time because there is so many greedy governments and big companies that it makes no difference what we do but they make the big foot print so you gettin a hybrid or saving water DOES NOTHING, its like a bug bite on a horse it does nothing, NOW if you want to do something then figure out how to change them, and if you do preform a miracle and do this dont forget I told you too ; )

Answer #2

something simple in your neighborhood is good

think global, act local :)

Answer #3

its nota a waist of time if we wanna live with out wearing face masks then we should!

k so depending were you live there can be things in your area to do like were I live we have beach clean up’s and sothern pick up were schools and groups get together and clean the enviroment while raising money for it… reduce reuse recycle hehe :P

Answer #4

Of course. Recycle gather up old magazines & written in notebooks && newspapers & take them to the recycling center. also along with you popcans & bottles. Also pick up trash on the side of the street you live on…nasty but appreciative. =] && buy eco-friendly stuff or stuff that has been recycled.Also eating organic is good for you && the earth. Less pestcides. Of course. walk instead of drive. && turn of the light && Tv when your not sitting there. && do not leave on your blow-dryer most power sucking applianceout there along with the refrigerator. Last but not least Blackle it up. same as google exept the background is black && that saves energy. =] So look up some recycled stuff or new ideas on blackle.

Answer #5

Don’t listen to the people who say you can’t make a difference or the people that mock you for wanting to! I’ll be honest with you…YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You just have to want it enough and dedicated to it! YOu have to spread the word out to people about global warming make signs or fliers and get people aware of the issues! Tell them to walk or ride a bike to work or school instead of riding their car! Or tell them to carpool! Have you ever been on the freeway in rush hour & you see so many people riding by themselves in their car? I mean that is sooo much waste going into the air making things worse for the melting ice! WHat about all the animals like the polar bars and penguins and seals? THey are being affected by it sooo much and they didn’t even do anything to cause it, we did! Plant flowers and trees, turn off electical appliances when your not using them, turn off lights when not being used switch to environmentally friendly light bulbs. THe first step to helping save our planet is that you have to be awre and consious of it all first, you have to get yourself educated about whats going on and then get the rest of the world educated as well! Maybe not the world but the people around you and no matter if they make fun of you you still have to push on! Really I think its great that you are too want to help our planet! Keep it up! YOU can do It Girl!

Answer #6

You can help the enviroment by not littering and so on…as far as stopping global warming, you can’t because there’s no such thing, it was a way for al gore to try and revamp is political career…in which he didn’t.

Answer #7

The best thing you can do is make other people aware of destruction of the environment too. Join an environmental club or something. Even start one with the neighborhood! Just you might not make a huge difference, but if other people are helping, the more it’s going to work! Plant trees and flowers around the neighbor hood. Drive less. Take public transportation or walk. Recycle papers rather than throw them away. Buy foods that don’t have a lot of packaging. It’ll create less garbage and it’s usually healthier. In a club, you could sell things like energy saving light bulbs, etc. Please do something. Everyone should.

Answer #8

there is no such thing as global warming

Answer #9

Well if your nice I guess you can try cleaning up outside around the block because something with trash breaking the Ozone layer making the world hotter and melting ice and also some lazy people throw trash into the lakes and oceans and rivers and some other things so you can just pick stuff up and remind people not to be lazy and just throw cheeto bags or bottles on the ground.

Answer #10

NO… cameradude is right!! I am an astronomer and an astrobiologist. It will require a DRASTIC turnaround on carbon emissions. I don’t like to be the BAD MOODSETTER, but the great global conveyor could collapse as soon as 2063. It will take such measures at a global magnitude to even put a dent in it. Besides, the planets experience this warming on a regular stellar scale, anyway. It will happen with or without us. It is the planet’s way of starting anew!!

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