What: Blue screen of death!?

I download sims 2 custom content on a regular basis, mostly from The Sims Resource. A few months ago, I was downloading something, and suddenly I got the blue screen of death. I freaked, restarted my comp, then ran a virus scan with avg and malwarebytes (yes, they can be on the same computer together). Nothing. I finally shrugged it off. I mean, computers have errors. Well, yesterday I was downloading a song on limewire (I now know it’s illegal and immediately deleted and song and the program) and suddenly I go the blue screen of death! I’ve heard that BSOD can be caused by viruses (even Conficker, that really bad one!) or just a simple computer error. I just thought it was kind of odd, since I just got it a few months ago. I have never had it before O_o

Is this bad? Is just as simple as my computer is having an error or two, or is there something wrong? Aka, a virus AVG and Malwarebytes are not picking up? Help! PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME TO DOWNLOAD SOMETHING! JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION! THANK YOU.

Answer #1

What is the Sims resource? I dont think there is anything that you can just download from the sims for free without it being some sort of b.s. that could cause harm to your computer…Unless you paid somthing for it in that case it still could cause harm I reccommend you buy sims from the store.

Answer #2

The Sims Resource is a very big website, and they supposedly scan all of their files for viruses/worms/trojans/adware/spyware/etc.

Answer #3

dude dont download anything ever from limewire unless you run scan by about 3 different programs, why b/c each program could miss a file in each scan so you should try another program. also make sure your devices are running ok under my computers device manager. you shouldnt have anything with a yellow (!!!) on it, if you do disable it or try to find new drivers for it. common cause for BSOD,

Answer #4

bsod isnt bad all teh time…

it could be just a dodgy driver.. fyi I was betting the gsod with my ATI 10.1 drivers

but yes it can mean you have a virus..

the next time you get this happen if you press Pause/Break with teh blue screen up youll be able to read teh error :p

or if you go into your bios and disable force reboot after any error then that will just keep your bsod up..

Answer #5

SERIOUS TROUBLE your computer might crash soon you will most likely need a pro I really wish I could help more but im not a guru

Answer #6

All the BSOD means is an error occurred that Windows couldn’t work around, so Windows crashed. Can cause by a hole slew of things. What you need to know is what caused it. When it gives you a BSOD write down the stop code and the error.

See the photo in this link. http://techrepublic.com.com/I/tr/downloads/images/bsod_a.jpg

Stuff the red arrows are pointing at tells you what went wrong. Write that info down.

If the BSOD isn’t staying up go to Start -> Right click on My Computer go to Properties. Go to the Advanced Tab and click on Settings under the Startup and Recovery section. Under the System failure section uncheck Automatically Restart. You also might want to turn on “”Write an event to the system log”” and change the first dropdown menu to “”Small memory dump (64 KB)””. That will write a minidump file that will contain more information about the BSOD crash.

Answer #7

Many things can cause a blue screen of death error (STOP error): dll errors, not enough memory, registry errors, etc. When you get a BSOD, you should take it seriously, and clean up your computer. You can do this manually, but it may take some time if you’re not tech savy, and may involve uninstalling and reinstalling all of your software. You can also use registry cleaning software to clean up your computer and fix your BSOD error.

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