What are the signs of drug use?

What are some of the signs of drugs use? Does it affect your skin and other stuff?

Answer #1

I’m just really worried about my friend because she hangs out with a lot of people older than her and I already know they do drugs. I don’t think that they would convince her to but basically I’m just watching out for her. She’s got a lot of potential and I don’t want her going downt he path of drug use. My brother goes to the same place she goes to, to hang with her other friends and he said if she was doing a drug at all it would be pot.

Answer #2

It makes you pale and skinny. It also adds some black around your eyes.

In general, it makes you look stupid.

Answer #3

I agree with the above. Some symptoms depend on the drug. But if you’re looking at the skin for signs, then drugs are not the only possible cause.

You should either elaborate on some symptoms you see, so we can suggest a drug, or give us a drug so you can get some possible symptoms.

Like if a person is super drowsy and falls off their chair nodding off, it could be heroin, but if they’re jumpy and talk too much, it could be cocaine. There are so many drugs and so many symptoms.

Unfortunately, narcotics use is more common than many of us realize. Not all of us associate changes in a person with possible drug use.

If you’re asking how your own narcotics use may affect your skin, then you’re worrying about the wrong things.

Answer #4

The signs of drug use vary depending on the person and what drug they’re using.

Answer #5

Yeah, I understand. While I don’t personally believe marijuana to be extremely harmful, I do believe it to sometimes be a “gateway” drug from personal experiences. You think, “Well, smoking weed is fun, but I bet snorting some coke would be even more fun!”. Tell your friend about your concerns and let her know that you think her life has better things in store for her than hanging around getting high. Maybe she’s just experimenting with different things. I think that’s pretty normal behavior, as long as she is old enough to understand what she’s doing. I’ve tried lots of drugs and liked them all but I am not and never will be a drug addict. You just have to have some control and common sense. She’ll be ok as long as she has loving concerned friends like you.

Answer #6

I know pot isn’t that bad but my city is the biggest drug place in ontario and all the people I know who have done pot got into bigger stuff. I’m just concerned.

Answer #7

Pot isn’t the worst thing in the world. Drinking would probably get her in more trouble.

Some signs of marijuana use is: Smelling it on her hair or clothes Glassy eyes Having the “munchies” Giggling or uncontrollable laughter Paranoia Just generally acting kinda “weird”, not themselves

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