What are the rules of netball ?

All I know is that you cant run with the ball and you cant lift you landing foot of the ground untill you’ve thrown the ball to some one

Answer #1
  1. The Positions are WA,WD,GA,GK,GD,C and a REF (2 of every position)
  2. You can only have 3 seconds with the ball
  3. WA can only stay in the section they’re in and the middle (except the semi-circle) 4.WD (same as WA but on the oppisite side)
  4. GA + GD (same as WA + WD) GD can go in semi-cirlce as they’re defending.
  5. C can go everywhere but the semi-circle the 2 Cs start the game (and the ref) Hopefully you understand! Sorry if you don’t
Answer #2

Well the basic rules are:

  1. Once you have caught the ball, you cannot hold it for longer than 3 seconds otherwise it’s turned over to the other team.
  2. If you’re defending a player with the ball you must be 3 feet away before putting your arms up to defend otherwise you get pulled up for ‘obstruction’ and must stand beside unable to participate in play till the other player has thrown the ball. (this is also known as a ‘penalty pass’)
  3. You cannot touch the person who has the ball, otherwise you’ll be pulled up for ‘contact’ have to stand beside as above^

http://www.netballonline.com/TheGame/Technical/NetballRules/tabid/69/Default.aspx <— that site covers pretty much all the rules and positions of people on the court and where they’re allowed to go.

Note: Even though netball is considered a ‘non-contact’ sport, trust me when I say it involves A LOT of contact, just not when you have the ball (there are some really under-handed, b*tchy girls out there playing).

Answer #3

haha we had our last ever P.E lesson of netball on monday :P I’m so glad ;) Anyway, heres a link for the main rules, footwork, fouls etc


And here’s a link for where the positions are (There’s a bit at the side to give you more info)



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