Basic rules of tennis?

What are the basics of tennis like positions and rules and terms and stuff? And what is the best brand raquet and equipment to buy?

Answer #1

Points: 0, 15, 30, 40, and if both people get 40, it’s called deuce, and you need the next two consecutive points to win.

Typically, a match is played in 6 sets, and each time you win the round you get 1 set, then the first to six wins the match. A typical game is 3 matches (eg, a total of 18 times, 9 times for each person to serve, as service alternates after each round).

After each match, the players switch sides. If both players get 5 sets, then you play to seven for the match.

How to play: You serve the ball cross court, and the inner area is the area of game play - the outer area is only used for doubles. If the ball doesn’t land in the green area, then it’s considered a foul, and if you foul twice, the opponent gets the score.

Types of faults (fouls): Foot fault, where you step over the line, or out of bounds, where the ball doesn’t land in the right area.

Types of strokes: Service, you throw the ball up, and hit overhand. Forehand, where you swing from back to front on the same side as you’re holding the racket. Backhand, you swing from the opposite side as you’re holding the racket to swing forward, which is considered much more awkward than hitting forehand. And then you have overhand, swinging over your head downwards.

In terms of best brand / equipment: Comfortable shorts & t-shirt, don’t forget sunblock, and of course a lightweight racket, ideally something that fits well in your hand & you like the feel of. Ask a sales person t help you (one who’s not on commission) as they’ll be able to advise you on the right size for you.

Last, try playing with somebody who’s taught classes or is more expert level, or at least take a class yourself…I tried teach my wife, and we both ended up frustrated.

Most of all - have fun!

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