What are my college options with a GED?

Hi out there I was just wondering what my options are for college if I only have me ged.. I just turned 17 and I got my ged first thing but I want to go to college and my thing is if im going to do it I want to do it big!! I really want to be an obgyn weird I know but they make good money and omg the things I could learn so mu ? is can I go to a four year college and how hard will it be for me to be accepted seeing as im 17 w/o my hs deploma? thanks

Answer #1

95% of colleges and universities in the U.S. accept the GED. However, most 4-year colleges will have additional admissions requirements, like taking the SAT exams. You’ll have to find out from each college you’re interested in what their admissions requirements are. A really good option for many people is to spend 2 years at a community college completing general education requirements and then transfer to a university for the last 2 years to complete a bachelor’s degree. Then, it’s on to Med school for a few more years… This option can be less expensive and also can give you better preparation for the university. Go get that M.D.!

Answer #2

Well colleges have exams you can take to get into their school if you score high enough! Have you taken an ACT? or and SAT?

Answer #3

There are TONS of options for those of us with a GED. I left high school at 17, received my GED that year, and haven’t regretted it since. (Except for not graduating with my class-I watched my friends graduate from the audience, and that pretty much sucked.)

I personally have run into very few obstacles of having a GED vs. a high school diploma. Just make sure you GET the GED…the friends I have without one can’t buy themselves even a minimum wage job.

The good news-I’m in college, and I have a GED. (I’m pursuing an Applied Associates of Mortuary Science.) My best friend is in college, soon to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science, and he’s off to graduate school (hopefully, if he’s accepted) next year. He only has a GED as well. Another friend of mine owns his own business and has an Associates degree-GED only. A GED used to be an automatic black mark, but these days, not so much. Almost any college outside of Ivy League or highly competitive schools will take you, but katydid747 brought up a good point-you will have to take exams, and if you took your SAT and ACT before you left school and scored well, that will help immensely.

The bad news-you want to be an ob/gyn, and that is NOT four-year school, at least not here in Ohio-it takes longer. You’ll have to go to full-fledged medical school for that. I applaud your decision to take on a medical major, but bear this in mind-medical schools are competitive as can be for entrance. When you go, do your best, and don’t get discouraged if you don’t get in when you first apply after you’re done with your pre-med.

It’s awesome that you want to further your education. Best of luck with everything!

Answer #4

Don’t let anyone discourage you!

Most colleges don’t care if you have a GED vs diploma- even the ivy leagues (excluding Harvard, which does require diploma or previous college/Univ).

I don’t know why everyone thinks ALL ivy leagues care about a 3.8-4.0 GPA high school diploma, AP classes etc. It may be true for traditional students in most cases. But less so for nontraditional.

Did you know MIT requires neither a diploma or GED? Go figure.

You should take the ACT/SAT regardless. Very few schools will offer a way around this. Consider also taking at least SAT II biology.

More importantly build life skills through community volunteering and find math/science groups you can get involved in showing interest in medicine, infants or both. Find a hobby you love that sets you apart- and get really into it. Jewelry making, martial arts, whatever. Just do something an excel at it.

These will be your keys into a good undergraduate school. You can major in anything- just make sure you take your pre-med required courses at a 4yr NOT community college. Most med schools will require you retake them otherwise.

Answer #5

Can you still study to be a game disgner with a GED

Answer #6

I do not know about giving you an answer on that but, I do have something to say about the ged. I am 37 years old and I have 4 kids and, I have decided to get my ged and, I regret every day quiting school but, I did so know here I am . I am making my self practice and take the ged I am tired of not having my own career . My husband and I have a buisness but, it just does not complete me so here I am triing for my ged and the only thing that has had me waiting so long is math I suck at algebra that is it but, I am tired of acting like I am giving up so I hope there is more like me that decided to do more with their life it is not easy and some of my best teachers that are helping me understand math is my 15 year old son and 16 year old daughter but, that is ok because I am going to acheave it. thanks for all the encouragement from the statements from above.

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