Why am I still gaining weight?

how is it that I do everything to lose weight and yet I gain. What else can I do I have no more options

Answer #1

I have a weight problem, for me I go up down, but I found if I eat breakfast everyday my weight dropped and it now only flucuates between 5 pounds. after breakfast I do a treadmill walk and stretchin. but eating breakfast is the key for me.

Answer #2

And if none of that works tell the doctor to check you for hypothyroidism which is what makes your metabolism exCEEDINGLY slooowww and sux butt :| which of course in turn makes it really really hard to lose excess fat in the body and also produces more while you’re trying to lose…a real pain in the arse

Answer #3

sweetie. you dont stop eating. you need to go on a diet. maybe go to the gym 3 times a week. this should help. it did for me!

Answer #4

if you are exercising you need to remember that muscle weighs more then fat so you will gain a few before you lose.

Answer #5

Hi all,

Well, I was dressing up to go to work this morning and pulled out my black pants that I purchased 3 years ago. And they are tight!!! I mean, never ever before I had an issue like that… I found that I am starting to gain weight in the different parts of my body. Like my sides!!! Stomach!!! I always had wide hips, but now.. gosh.. I need to move to Hawaii and start a career in hula dancing… I am doing more squads and lunges @ the gym. Can that be a reason for my tights growing???
As far as gym goes… I am there10+ hours a week. I love working out. I’ve read (suggestions above) not to eat after 6p.m. – I’ve heard that before, but never tried. I come home after gym around 8p.m. should I eat in the evening or eat next day? Considering I’ll go to the gym in the a.m. next day… 6a.m. – no breakfast- hard… Also, very often I get busy at work and end up not eating all day… Recently I got to the point where I would not eat all day (don’t want to) and then my only meal ends up being 9p.m. meal after the gym. One of my friends told me that I eat like sumo wrestler… Apparently they eat once day also. Let’s not forget that they eat a whole cow and truck of rice… My evening “sumo meal” varies between: eggs, oatmeal, salad, fruits, juice, soy beverage, crackers, rice… Little bit of everything..

Honestly, if anybody has some suggesting regarding above info… please feel free to reply.

Answer #6

You say you lose weight and then you gain it again. That’s the problem with almost all weight loss programs. You never really lose the fat you just reduce the size of the fat cells. So as soon as you stop exercising or eat something you shouldn’t, the fat cells will start growing in size again. And the cells grow larger in specific areas in your body which is usually determined by genetics. Hips, thighs, love handles and abdomen are the most common trouble spots.

I work for a company called fig. which specializes in medical body shaping that permanently eliminates fat cells. That;s the key. Your body only has an finite number of cells so if you can get rid of some of them, you’re on your way to keeping your weight down for good.

Check out http://www.fig.com and http://medicalbodyshaping.wordpress.com

Answer #7

Hi all , Amaizing for me also , this happen to me. I use to be 63 Kg. Then I moved to another country I guess same thing is changed their , I gained clozer to 20 Kgs imagen me. I need to loos weight. I dont eat junk food , no late dinner and also Drinking to much water but still, My weight is not going down and I worries me a lot. Today I bought Xenadrine RFA -1 ,They told me I works out real good , any comment on this. I will start using it tomorrow. I have no problem on excersie daily 5 days of a week. I will be waiting for your comments Take care All

Answer #8

hopefully this will help…right now I am on a diet, so I can give you pretty basic advice…

exercise daily… dont EAT FASTFOOD *DONT EAT LATE!! ( no later then 6 pm )

  • substitute a meal for something lite…ie: for dinner eat a salad or fruit..(I have been doing that, its been workin pretty good… drink plenty of water dont drink soda or drinks high in calories…
  • stay away from junk food

IF you do all of this you will loose weight very quickly, I have before..Im doing it again because I slowly gained it back from going back into my odl habits… The best thing to do is exercise…go out running or walking each day… thats the most important thing… and its good to keep track of your calories! each day) if you take out 500 calories per a day (3,500 a week) you can lose a pound…sooo if you normally eat 2000 calories, eat only 1500..plus exercise to burn extra fat, then you can lose 2 pounds a week =)


Answer #9

above is some good advice. however, like you I am stuck and I lack the willpower to go the gamut. however, I have dropped 3 lbs on trying this. graham crackers only for desert, no ice cream at night, yet not laying down on an empty stomach. diet coke only, salads with the new salad spritzer and dodging fast food. try just cutting a little bit and a time and dropping old habits one at a time, its quiet awhile until summer, so experiment. I have dropped the salty popcorn also. I hope this helps . three lbs is not much , but my pants will button, so I know these little changes have had a little effect.

Answer #10

omg this is soo me. im doing everything I can the healthy way and ..nothing! so if you find out, let me know =/

Answer #11

some quick tips dont eat junk food (ull see your result in like a week or 2.) its good eat normally but maybe in smaller quantities excersise!!! <— the only way to TRULY loose weight. stay hydrated. drink water throughout the day

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