weed/ drugs

how can I stop? im only 14.

Answer #1

go to your guidance department at your school. they should be able to help you with your addiction.

Answer #2

it soudns liek that last thing you would usually do but you should tell your parents, theyll probs be shocked at first but theyll be the most supportive people around you I promise

Answer #3

And it can also be dangerous to try to stop by yourself.. get new friends like the others say, but make sure you also get help with it.. they’ll help you to the best of their abilities!!

Answer #4

sounds like you have to make the choice between doing drugs with friends and finding a new bunch of friends…

Answer #5

well if your hanging with people who are also doing drugs maybe that isn’t the crowd for you.

Answer #6

hah I know what you mean.. im 14 to. and smoke more weed then I should. but if you wanna stop the main thing is to stop all your conections with pepole who smoke are do drugs. if you have no one to tempt you it will make all the diffrence. and if you drop your drugy friends you will also lose a lot of your connections to gettin bud in the first place. and thats just a pluss.

Answer #7

seperate urself from the crowd your with, then cut down day by day, it will be tough dont get in

Answer #8

Watch the health videos!

They may be uncomfortable to look at but they’ll help a lot! They talk about the bad things that could happen && They convince you reaalll good to stopp.

btw when you become addicted to drugs its like hard to stop! Think of the cons!

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