how to get weed ouy of your system before a drug test?

ok so do you know what weed attacks in the body?answer: your sugar levels, so they look for low sugar and sodium,the solution is simple take sugar and put it in a cup of water mix it with a handfull of salt and drink it befor the test your levels should skyrocket then they wont think your high just eat way to much sugar and eat chocolate to that is a good cure

Answer #1

first of all there are ways to detox your body to pass a drug test second of all he is def wrong on testing sugar levels…what I dont really understand is why people come on drug forums to be nasty to people who may have made a bad choice and are trying to find ways to fix it…really people get a life…best way to pass a drug test obviously is to not use…but try lots of water, azo cranberry pills, acidic juices, exercise and lots more water also try vinegar I myself used azo several times and passed but everyone is diff.

Answer #2

Hahahahaahahahahah! Nooo, that won’t work. What kind of Police Officer would offer advice like that? Not a very professional one! You can’t pass a drug test if you’ve taken drugs, is the simple answer.

Anyway, if you took drugs, suck it up; it’s your own stupid fault!

Answer #3

Interesting… I’m not sure if that works or not. I’ll have to do some research myself.

Answer #4

that would have worked on the older tests… but it doesnt on the new ones because the THC actually metabolizes in your your system, and attaches to sodium in the water. thus it travels to your urine and in turn out to the test cup. they stoped testing imbalances and now actually look for the metabolized THC

Answer #5

wrong,wrong and more wrong! research this some more and you should figure out why I say wrong!

Answer #6

lol well actually, my friend is a cop… he said this will work

Answer #7

someone is beginning to be right, you get a cookie!

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