How is the weather in Cape Town in May?

Answer #1

The following are the officially published climate figures for May in Cape Town: . Average Minimum Temperature = 10°C
Average Maximum Temperature = 20°C
Average Temperature = 15°C
Average Sea Temp = 16°C Average Precipitation / Rainfall = 97mm) Wet Days (>0.1 mm) = 12 Average Sunlight Hours / Day = 5.9 Relative Humidity = 83% Average Wind Speed = (Beaufort Scale)
Average Number of Days with Frost = 0

I acknowledge the following source:

Where climatic charts and similar information for the other months of the year may also be obtained for Cape Town, South Africa. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #2

Note my error of omission: Average Wind Speed should be shown as: 3 on the Beaufort Scale

Answer #3

I live in Cape Town :) It’s usually windy in May (as it’s autumn that time). Expect light rain, but the temperature is generally cool even when it rains. Cape Town is known to sometimes have 4 seasons in one day, so be prepared for anything! Like Majikthise said above the ave. temperature is normally under 20°C.

Answer #4

is it possible 2 go to the beaches der??? ciz i will be visiting south africa in may….

Answer #5

yes! there so many really beautiful beaches there. where in cape town will you be?

Answer #6

its badly snowing its heavey snow there has been lots of accsident

Answer #7

onil god knows

Answer #8

its starts getting cold!!

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