How can I bait and trap a weasel?

Just recently A weasel got in our duck cage and killed 3 of our ducks and injured 4!

We are very upset and want to catch this weasel ! But we don’t don’t know what type of bait to use to trap it !

Answer #1

Well, we set the trap every night for over a week and we caught a raccoon. Now are starting to believe that maybe it was the raccoon that did all the killings. You can see where he tried to climb the chicken coop and get in an where he was digging in the front of the coop before taking the bait. We just can’t seem to caught a weasel, so maybe it was the raccoon all along…any thoughts??

Answer #2

weasels are God’s animals for sure, but when they find birds or things they want they are relentless…I have lost 3 bantie hens, 12 pigeons, and I can’t catch it…with a trap, fresh bloody liver or anything…varmints, do not catch and release without checking with neighbors…problem there maybe not at your house.

Answer #3

don’t trap the weasel! you can use a HARMLESS trap and when you catch the weasel just take it far very far away and when you let it out make sure it is used to its new surrondings!:)

Answer #4

One more thing, tonight I am going to take the advice above and set the trap with fresh bloody liver. I pray it works, cause I am at witts end…

Answer #5

I can’t tell you how much I am hating weasels right now. It got 15 of our chickens and all 3 ducks. It got in the chicken house and it created a blood bath. We have set two traps(and we plan on killing the Bast%$#’s when we get em)and have tried all kinds of bait, but only caught a possum. We let the possum live, but took it far away and set it free. We could tell from the type of killings(beheadings) that it is a weasel, not a possum. We are just using metal traps with bait. Sometimes it is tripped with nothing caught. Other times it finds ways to get the bait w/o going in. We keep trying to perfect our hunting skills, but they are too smart…well, not for long if we can help it. I miss my chickens and ducks so much it hurts.

Answer #6

I raised 11 Indian Runner Ducks and they are about a month old..prob over half grown…I built a fully enclosed chicken coop/tractor. I woke up this morning to go out and feed them and 2 ducks were dead and one was missing. The two ducks that were dead each had one leg missing and that was it. There was also a duck that was still alive that is missing a leg now. Doubt he will live too long. Pretty sad. Im guessing the only thing that could have done this would be a weasel. And it must have crawled in from underneath the cage somehow as the cage sits on the ground

Answer #7

I am a 15 year old kid who desided to raise some birds on my farm. I was so happy because my hen had decided to lay and sit for hatching. The hen had 5 young chicks,one of which was attached and killed by my rooster after hatching, so already I was off to a great start. After seperating the hen things were going good until one of my hens disapered. We took the procautions of moving my roster to a small cage. The next day the cage was draged down the center aile of the barn with the carcas still inside. I was devistated…we moved my hen and chicks into the garden shed and locked it up that night. I kept them in there for awhile, until we got the coop rebuilt and what I thought would have been accident pron. We moved the hen and chicks into the cage yesterday, they were so excited. Today I have lost another chick… I am sad, heartbroken, and ready to give up. we set up a trap to catch the darn thing and used peanut butter and apples as bait, because of our cats. I hope it works or I am done… I hop this offers an alternative baiting and I feel you pain trust me I do.

Answer #8

you can buy a live trap and catch it or can make a box trap and catch it… whatever you do you have to bait it with fresh bloody meat for best result. Rub the meat near the entrance to the trap and then put it into the trap and wait.

Answer #9

Weasels hunt for rabbits, rats, birds, frogs, ground squirrels, pica, meadow mice, voles, shrews, and eggs. They also like to hunt under cover. They will go into another animals burrow and kill and eat it there. Any fresh bloody meat is a good bait for weasels.

You may try using a few hunks of chicken meat, this may lure them into you’re trap.

Depending on the size of the Weasel, and the type of trap you have, you want to make sure the functionality of the unit is sufficient for the mechanics of the trap, and that it would contain the animal.

Make sure you place the bait to the furthest back of the trap, to ensure this little critter get completely contained, though as rotten & menacing as it may be, you want not to allow it suffering if you choose to dispose of it. Thus, make sure your trapping method is in good working order before placement.

Also, determine the natural location of this animal, maybe even to the degree of checking with your local wild land authorities about a potential means to catch/release and or dispose of. It is more than likely, this weasel is either in the wrong area & looking for food, or is remotely close to where you live, also ensure you find the cause for a break in on the ducks cages & see to it that any problems in design are fixed according to prevention of this happening again.

I wish you the best of luck! Take care, and I’m, sorry to here about the losses. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask or e-mail me.


Answer #10

its only doing what its ment to do we all have to eat do you eat meat just leave them alone thats life weasels rule

Answer #11

I just lost 40 small chickens and about 15 bigger chickens and 2 ducks. They where all in our barn. The smaller chickens where in a big stock tank. What do I do. I think it is a weasel because it didn’t eat any, just killed them by the neck. I raise chikens but I am afraid of this happening again. We never had a problem until now. How do I get rid of this chicken killer?

Answer #12

A raccoon will break into a hen house and go berserk, killing several chickens without eating much. A weasel will generally only kill one or two. Sounds like a raccoon was your culprit, not a weasel. Friest- yours also sounds like the work of a raccoon.

Answer #13

I lost 7 chickens to a weasal today –one of them my favorite– and I am pissd at this weasel im going to try a live trap(and kill it if I get it). I plan on using one of my dead chickens as bait

Answer #14

why do you want to trap this little animal I have a pet weasel who is one of the family he is more like a cat than a weasel im sorry to hear what the weasel did to your ducks but come on he is a wild animal what do you want him to do make friends with them just leave it alone

Answer #15

I need help it has killed 10 of my chicks and the more I try to fix the problem with securing them they find a new way and I cant catch the basturd. and I will not release it I will KILL him if I get him

Answer #16

Try sardines or salmon.I know how you feel we lost 37 hens to a weasel just a couple of days yeah try that

Answer #17

I just lost 150 pheasants over 2 nights. I made the box trap with a rat trap inside to behead that motherF*. I raise pheasants and release them with my students from school. I hope you all get your weasel. I will report how the hunt went.

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