Whats up with god?

If god is all powerful and everything like some people believe (but I dont) then why does he let bad things happen to so many people? if he could stop things but doesnt he obviously doesnt give a damn what happens to us.

Answer #1

well, let me tell you that god does care about us I promise you that he does! I read in the bible that satan had said that he could the world better than god, so god is giving him that chance. in 1 john 4:8 it says that god is love so you should not think that god does not care about us. in revelation 7:17 it says that god will wipe the tears from man’s eyes and there are more wonderful things that he promises in the bible. if you know of any jehovah’s witnesses that live around you, maybe you can ask them more questions regarding your worries about god. or you can go to www.watchtower.org for more info. I hope that this has helped you a lot:)

Answer #2

He loved us enough to provide a WAY for us to go to Heaven, Jesus - He didn’t have to - we all must decide to accept or reject the way, John 3 : 16.

Answer #3

rickd—well said. I completely agree.

Answer #4

God cares but , ya know we have to care too . Its easy to blame God for all the bad stuff that happens ,but you forget it you are saved , pray and let God’s will be done let God work in our lives . Don’t let people get you down with so much negative thoughts . Remember the devil knows the bible just as good and he uses it against us . so study and get his word . you can believe or not believe in God , but the fact remains he is there all we have to do is call upon him. And to you Christians that are commenting on these no believers well its sad you make such harsh judgements on them that “they are going to hell “ ya know if you stop saying things like this to them and start praying for them instead . The best way to win someone to God is to pray for them not attack them . You would know this if you were true Christians . God never went around telling people they would go to hell he talked with them prayed for them . never acted like y’all are towards them .

My prayers are with you all !!!

Answer #5

most of you act like God doesn’t work at all that your life is just depressing and meaningless

…NONE of us said our lives are depressing and meaningless. YOU may be more prone to depression and feelings of meaninglessness, because YOU can’t live without some kind of explanation of your own mortality. Even though NONE of it can be proven, you just CHOOSE to believe it, despite all the dirivatives, contradictions and other flaws. You believe, because there’s no better explanation in your mind, and you CAN’T function without some sort of explanation. All it does in the end, is give your life meaning, and makes it less dull… period.

The Devil is competing against God ok? Get that through your heads. The more sin there is in this world, the more the Devil rejoices. You’re getting closer and closer to hell with every sin you make!*

That’s total bullshit. What’s the point in competing when he KNOWS he’s going to lose in the end anyway?

Answer #6

“If God were ‘More Active’ then Faith would be meaningless and no longer Free will.”

This is one of the most common arguments religious people try and use for the mysterious absense of any evidence of god, and it’s total_nonsense.

Why exactly would incontrovertible knowledge of the existence of god deny free will*? Supposing I knew for certain that the god of the bible existed, that wouldn’t compel me to follow the path he decides to lay out any more than I’m compelled to right now. Further, I can’t think of a worse way to ensure people follow your very specific and arbitrary moral code than to hand it down by hearsay and word of mouth with absolutely no evidence of its accuracy and nothing to distinguish it from a number of other, closely related faiths.

  • Assuming you even believe we have free will in the first place. There’s absolutely no physical proof for it - just our ‘feeling’ that we have free will.
Answer #7

It is my belief that God can and will stop certain things from happening in our lives, if he is Lord of our lives. If he is not, then, why should he?

That is not meant to sound mean, it is just a simple statement, and a truth, the way that I see it.

He is not a robot. Nor are we. He set things in motion, and gave us guidelines to go by. He gives us direction in his word. He tells us what we can expect from him, and what he expects from us. Have you read the instruction manuel?

You might be very suprised at what you find.

I believe that whatever touches a child of God, (meaning a born again believer that is fully trusting in Gods word) has to be filtered thru the hand of God, before being allowed to touch us. And if it is allowed, then, God has something in mind for us. Possibly our faith is being tested, or God is desiring to teach us a new truth, or challange us, or help us to grow in the knowledge of him.

We have safety in him.

He does hear and answer prayer, and he does what he says that he will.

It is our job to line up with his wishes, not the other way around.

Answer #8

captain assassin is right…oh and Amber, what he said is true. Life doesn’t suck…the thing is everyone elses life can affect yours on a postive or negative way. So what I do when they are affecting me badly is go away intom my own world where my dreams are real and I can see life a whole new different way…so when I get back there..I have motivation to be good to my life and others…this life here is a key to opening that door…its the way to prove that despite society’s you soul is truly good. We all have bad moments in our life, even though there is an enormous quantity of people that say they are happy…they are not!they are always needing something else. Poor people cry because they are poor and have no food. Rich people cry because they are rich and have plenty of food…but what they thought could be happiness turned to be lonelyness, ambition, and selfishness?…because they don’t see…that Yes you studied a lot andothers didn’t…but what you studied shouldn’t have been to gain a lot of money…how can you have a 50,000 dollar car whan there are 50,000 hungry people??…anyways back to the point…God isn’t going to solve your problems…or create them…we came from him so the minute we were born, we were given his purity…our parents raise you a certain way, with the surroundings of a certain place, with certain people that were also born pure but society and just way of life started to change into who you are…its up to you to change the things in your life and remember that spiritual growth is individual…PLUR

Answer #9

He loved us enough to provide a WAY for us to go to Heaven, Jesus - He didn’t have to - we all must decide to accept or reject the way, John 3 : 16.

…just like you don’t HAVE TO repeat the same snippet of John 3:16 over and over again… that’s number 492.

Why don’t you try quoting SOME OTHER scripture, 500 times in a row, hmmm? You’re not helping anyone, you’re only making yourself look more incompetent, your faith more weak AND NOW one-dimensional. Its as if you’re chanting it for some type of perverted self-satisfaction.

John 3:16 has NOTHING to do with explaining WHY God let’s bad things happen to good people… and if you think otherwise, you need to go sit on the toilet, and bible-beat yourself in the head, until a better idea falls out.

Answer #10

lphilipl, That’s a very good question and if you’ve ever noticed, the ones that believe in God so much are the ones that are having a nice life. It’s easy to believe in God when you have no problems.

My life sucks and I mean, no one has any idea what I have been through in my life and what I am still going through.

Yet, Christians want me to believe that God or Jesus loves me. Well, I say. . .If that is love, I’d be interested in knowing what their idea of hate is.

I believe that God and Jesus are fictitious like Santa Claus and that the Bible WAS written with the same idea, to keep people from killing each other, etc.

Some of us, don’t need a Bible to scare us into being good. We are just good because it is our nature and people like me aren’t worried about going to heaven or hell because:

  1. Heaven and Hell probably doesn’t exist . ..and
  2. If there is a Heaven and Hell, we know we will be going to Heaven.

Another thing. . . Christians always thank God for the good things in their life.

So, what are you supposed to say to God about the bad things? My life is crappy so what do I say? Thank you for my crappy life?

Answer #11

You ask why millions of children are starving to death? Maybe because you’re sitting on your bootayy complaining about everything and expect other people to solve all of these problems! Of course there has to be problems in the world, life is a test to see how strong your faith in God is, and if you survive this hectic life, while living among all these bad influences, you will finally meet GOD sooner or later. We’re all surrounded by crap in this world, nobody’s life is PERFECT. You have to strive for God. The Devil is competing against God ok? Get that through your heads. The more sin there is in this world, the more the Devil rejoices. You’re getting closer and closer to hell with every sin you make! Think about that you guys.. I’m not perfect, I probably sin like everyday..jeez, and it’s not easy being a christian. I drifted from God over the past few months and it’s SO hard to get back on track to the real meaning of my life, which is serving God. Yeah I know you agnostics or atheists are looking for MATERIALISTIC or VISUAL proof that you can see before your eyes, but whats really going on is you guys are blinded by the Devil’s trap to make you HIS. God is remorseful about that but he can’t change your mind, YOU have to do it yourself so stop being so freakin stubborn.

Hokayyy, also, this world is coming to an end. (either that or you’ll be dead before you can witness it) God is waiting for his Message to reach all the corners of this earth, and hes giving EVERYONE a chance to hear His Word. (missionaries, churches, etc.) until then, he wont come. Hes giving everyone a fair chance. And if you HAVE heard about his word and rejected to believe in Him, well, he’ll reject you too when you get to the gates of Heaven. So life is kind of like…a test. That doesnt mean you cant have fun and enjoy it, of course you can, serving God isnt like, some kind of misery he wants you to go through, although these days it kind of will seem like it since theres a crap load of sin and sinners all around which makes it harder.

crap I dropped a Hotchip anyway..

oh, and freakin ADAM AND EVE MESSED UP! its kinda like, thats why there are so many problems too, God gave Adam and Eve a perfect garden and a perfect life, until they got ensnared by the stupid Devil’s tactic.

I kinda say Adam and Eve are to blame. -.- So we have to live their mistake by going through all the crap. BUT HEY, by accepting to believe Jesus Christ, and if you follow the BIBLE, you’re good to go. AND TRY TO STOP SINNING. I’ll try too.

Answer #12

okay, heres an interesting yes/no question:

Is God so powerful that he could microwave something so hot even he could not eat it?

Answer #13

I can only conclude, then, that god is either limited - he can’t fix these things - or evil - he can fix them, but chooses to allow unimaginable suffering anyway. Curiously, he doesn’t seem to exercise any powers of discrimination, either: True Believers get just as much flack as Heathen Sinners.

Answer #14

most of you act like God doesn’t work at all that your life is just depressing and meaningless and that God doesn’t do anything but I PROMISE if God did nothing this world would be a LOT LOT LOT WORSE than it is now…in ways you cant even imagine

Answer #15

lol, so God can do anything but God has to compete with the Devil? why would anyone who was all powerful have to compete with anyone else?

Answer #16

“God gave his life for us and you are complainiing about that that is so stupid you are going to hell if you think like that”

christian love, christian love…it’s the best…

Answer #17

Imagine for a moment that no gods even existed. Would that not also explain their lack of involvement?

Answer #18

I agree with you. Im very agnostic right now because I mean so much bad s h I t happens. I believe we created god to explain things we couldnt explain. -nkw

Answer #19

God gave his life for us and you are complainiing about that that is so stupid you are going to hell if you think like that

Answer #20

In the bible it says that the devil and his demons were cast down to the earth with a great rage knowing that they had little time left on earth before god finally abyss’s them for a thousand years. So the answer is that it is not god causing suffering it is the wickedness of the devil and people’s sins. ‘Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’ you are actually praying for peace and heavenly conditions on earth like it is in heaven. I am not religious but if you read the bible you will be surprised as to what it actually says, not at all what the church teaches!

Answer #21

captainassassin - I agree, they have to believe in something. They can’t handle the fact that we just exist. And they all think they are going to this place called heaven where God and Jesus sit up in the clouds. And they even fixed it to where if they have sinned (and they have, admittedly so) all they have to do is ask for forgiveness and they’ll still get to go to heaven. But, people like us, who don’t feel the need to believe in something, aren’t even worried about it. For some reason, though, they feel the need to try to change us and have us believe as they do. Do you know why that is?

Answer #22

ok…bab things happen to everybody so does good things…the thing is in the 3rd world countrys is worse because of the living conditions and economics…no money=no food=starving children money makes the world go around…sad but true…belive or not misionaries from cristian churches go there to help out..reality is that god isn’t going to come down from a cloud and help thats up to us…

Answer #23

Being a christian is not as easy as you think. God made all these bad things to happen to us because He wants to test our faith in Him and if we are able to overcome all these temptation, we will go to heaven. For example, Job in the Bible went through many troubles. All hi children, his sheep, camels and everything he owned died but he said the Lord gives and takes so let his will be done.

Answer #24

all I gotta say is life sucks get use to it and get over it

Answer #25

peoples prayers get answered everyday…

…and there are just as many people whose prayers AREN’T answered. There are people who DON’T pray, but still get what they want/need every day… and there are some who don’t. Regardless if you believe or not, whether you pray or not, when you want or need something, you either get it now, get it later, or you DON’T get it. THERE ARE NO OTHER POSSIBLE OUTCOMES.

Answer #26

how can you say lack of involvment…have you ever been to the beach and see the sunrise or the moons reflection on the water have you ever been to the mountains and just looked out onto the earth…how do you think this earth was created if there is no god there’s a beginning to everything..right?
what about how people get healed from diseases everyday peoples prayers get answered everyday…maybe you pray but dont have faith in your prayers or maybe its jsut not time for what you want to happen

Answer #27

its nobody in the worlds place to judge them for what they believe and we cant determine where they are going but jesus did die on the cross to save our sins god sent his one and only begotten son…nobody made the bible up just to make people be good we have laws for that the bible is gods word and I think that if you’d just go to church listen with an open mind and study your bible and pray then amazing things would happen in your life…I’ll be praying for you and allmeroth I think yall both can find that the bible is real and god can do amazing things in both of yalls lives

Answer #28

I know exactly what you are talking about! its like why do we have to pray (if we pray) to make good things happen!! WHAT??? right and who is HE? are we talking about Jesus when we talk about a he or is it GOD? and in many different religions they call the superior HE!! IT DRIVES ME NUTS!! I sometimes believe that the Greek gods are kind of real… lets face it people just made it up!!! just so that people can be good..and what if all the bible stories are some idiot who wanted to make a big joke and everybody forgot about it and THEY wanted to make it real!!! anyway my dinner is on the table so I gots to go and eats it!!

Answer #29

‘Thy kingdom come // // on earth as it is in heaven’

Uh… you left out: ‘’…thy will be done…’’

Answer #30

then why did God come down as Jesus? why the miracles?

Answer #31

If God were “More Active” then Faith would be meaningless and no longer Free will.

Answer #32

Still no answer to why millions of children are starving to death? Is God too busy working on the sunsets to deal with that?

Answer #33

God did not ever say this life would be easy… we all must suffer trials and tribulations, the problem is some of us suffer more storms than others.. why is that? I don’t know, I can’t answer that question.. yes, I ask why do bad things happen, moreover, why do bad things happen to good people? Life is hard and full of challenges but God presents them to us to test our character, as long as there is life, there is hope

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