Was this the right thing to do?

OK I had these two dwarf hamsters and they have been in the same cage for years and they cuddled and slept together for 3 years. That means they have lived the full life. But today one had a tumor on his side and wasnt looking that well. But the other was healthy. So I took it to the pet shop and she said it was a tumor and just to take it home and wait for it to die. But I couldnt take that and I dont think its bestest little buddy could either because they were together for sooo long. So I decided to let him live the last of his life free and happy. SO I took them both in this nice forest were there was no traffic or people. The place is full of nature and full of food and I even took them were a nice creek was for water. So I left them with food water and a little cave like thing under a tree. They were so happy to be free. So I think they will live the rest of their life happy and free. Of course I couldnt take the healthy one back home because she would miss the dieing one. So they are together in the nice nature place lol. Maybe the healthy one will have babies with another mouse or something after her buddy dies peacfully. Was this the right thing to do?

Answer #1

thank you ethmer for at least not making me feel like an @ss. After I read all your answers I got really upset and guilty and went back to get them but they werent there. And they werent dead so my guess is they are fine. I also left some crackers on the ground in case they stroll threw.

Answer #2

I just reread YOUR initial question…you wanted to know if you did the right thing…and the minute people don’t agree with you, you show your TRUE COLORS…you didn’t give a crap about those two hamsters…

so why pretend that you did???


Answer #3

well lmao its too late now they are gone. And they were about to die anywayz So at least they got to run around without being caged up.

Answer #4

I agree with those who say you shouldn’t have done it. However, your intentions were honorable.

Life is a learning experience. Next time you’ll know that there are better options.

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Answer #6

yer… sounds good idea evan my mam ( a vet and knows a lot about animals) sais was a good idea and there animal instincts should help them great idea :) x

Answer #7

what the f*ck?!?!? is your problem… I tried to do the right thing. and I loved those hamsters and they were over three years old so they were justt about ready to die. So I let them have their last taste of freedom. So dont say I didnt care about them because I cryed over them and I cryed today because I couldnt find them. But I’ve’e been told by vets and other people that their instinct will set in. So they will be fine. They have water, food, and it is nice and warm out.. and dont say about winter because there is no way they would live by winter.. they are too old!

Answer #8

yah ok? im not going to find them ok they are in the woods! And they are adapted to the weather change because my room dont have a furnace so in the winter they learned to live on cold. And when its hot they learned that to. And when I let them go I watched and they drank from the creek. And so what if they are eaten! its mother nature the way its supposed to be. And besides if you didnt see they only live 3 years and I kept them alive for 3 and a half so they lived their life and its time for them to have freedom.

Answer #9

yah real smart ringleleader8 yah… Im going to travel miles to go check on a hamster that will be just fine in the wild. It has instincts and its not stupid. It has water supply and food supply. Animals are supposed to be in the wild. not to be locked up in the cage constantly. Why would I take the ohte rone back home when it can rome miles without bars in its face? lmao and what maes you think im going to go in the middle of the woods and they will still be there?!?!?!? They will travel and be happy!

Answer #10

I don’t agree…they were born and raised in captivity…they don’t understand preditors, they don’t know how to truly forage for themselves…they’ve been kept in controlled heat and cold…ALL THEIR LIVES. The sick one is totally at the mercy of mother nature…If you go and find them…bring them home.

If you felt you “needed” to do something, and wanted it to be the right thing…you’d could have had the one put to sleep, and loved up on the other…or got him a new buddy.


Answer #11

I agree with phrannie! B/c they were born in captivity if they do try to drink from the creek they could fall in and drown and as for the eating they will eat ANYTHING that smells sweet wether it’s deadly or not! Next time pls don’t be so ignorant : ( And there are TONS of predators, and like p said the weather change could also kill them.

Answer #12

No…hamsters are domesticated. They aren’t wild animals anymore. I had one for over 3 years and he actually got tumors as well…I had him euthanized at the animal shelter for free. That way he could just go peacefully. They won’t know what to do in the wild, I doubt they’d even last long enough to eat or drink with the predators outside. Not to make you feel bad, but you asked my opinion.

Answer #13

yes. that was really unselfish of you! altho I would go and check on them in a few days because the healthy one is used to being fed daily by you and if the sick one is dead then I would just take it back home becasue it may die in the wild anyway but if the otehr one is still alive leave them and keep coming back till you find it dead and then take the healthy one home because you dont want it to have to die alone because thats sad.

Answer #14

I think it was the best thing to do for them , you were unselfish and thought it was best for them

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