How do I answer what my strengths and weaknesses are?

How do I answer when employer keeps asking me what my strength and weaknesses are

Answer #1

Haha here’s a tip… answer a lot more strengths than weaknesses… its not going to look good if you have one strength and five weaknessess or anything like that. ;)

  • Jess
Answer #2

Tell them what they are.. Your strengths can be that you’re hardworking, motivated..reliable.. I don’t know..

Answer #3

…tell him what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are…

It’s a pretty straight forward question.

Answer #4

I know what you mean. It can be a pretty difficult question to answer. I would say to be as honest as you can while still telling them what you think they want to hear. Good luck!

Answer #5

It’s a hard question to answer, see if any of these help. Also, when you’re listing weaknesses, try making them seem not all negative, so for example some of these could be weaknesses, like modesty, which means people cant see the amount of work you put in, or say you work too hard, which means its difficult for you to take yourself out and take time out for yourself…

Curiosity, Interest in the world: You’re open to new experiences and like to take a flexible approach to most things. You don’t just tolerate ambiguity; you’re intrigued by it. Your curiosity involves a wide-eyed approach to the world and a desire to actively engage in novelty.

Love of Learning: You love learning new things. You love being an expert and/or being in a position where your knowledge is valued by others.

Judgement, Critical Thinking, Open Mindedness: It’s important to you to think things through and to examine issues from all angles. You don’t quickly jump to conclusions but instead, carefully weigh up evidence to make decisions. If the facts suggest you’ve been wrong in the past, you’ll easily change your mind.

Ingenuity, Originality, Practical Intelligence: You excel in finding new and different ways to approach problems and/or to achieve your goals. You rarely settle for simply doing things the conventional way more often looking to find better and more effective approaches.

Social and Emotional Intelligence: You have a good understanding of yourself and of others. You are aware of your own moods and how to manage them. You’re also very good at judging the moods of others and responding appropriately to their needs.

Perspective: This strength is a form of wisdom. Others seek you out to draw on your ability to effectively solve problems and gain perspective. You have a way of looking at the world to yourself and to others.

Valour, Bravery: You’re prepared to take on challenges and deal with difficult situations even if unpopular or dangerous. You have the courage to overcome fear as well as ability to take a moral stance under stressful circumstances.

Perseverance, Diligence, Industry: You finish what you start. You’re industrious and prepared to take on difficult projects (and you finish them). You do what you say and sometimes you even do more.

Integrity, Honesty: You’re honest, speaking the truth as well as living your life in a genuine and authentic way. You’re down to earth and without pretense.

Kindness, Generosity You’re kind and generous to others, and never too busy to do a favour. You gain pleasure and joy from doing good deeds for others. In fact, your actions are often guided by other people’s best interests. At the core of this particular strength is an acknowledgment of the worth of others.

Loving, Being Loved: You place a high value on close and intimate relationships with others. More than just loving and caring for others, they feel the same way about you and you allow yourself to be loved.

Citizenship, Loyalty, Teamwork: You’re a great team player, excelling as a member of a group. You are loyal and dedicated to your colleagues, always contributing your share and working hard for the good and success of the group.

Fairness, Equity: You do not allow your own personal feelings to bias your decisions about other people. Instead, you give everyone a fair go and are guided by your larger principles of morality.

Leadership: You’re a good organiser and you’re good at making sure things happen. You ensure work is completed by you and also maintain good relationships among group members.

Self-Control: You can easily keep your desires, needs and impulses in check when necessary or appropriate. As well as knowing what’s correct you’re able to put this knowledge in to action.

Discretion, Caution, Prudence: You’re a careful person. You look before you leap. You rarely, if ever, say or do things you later regret. You typically wait until all options have been fully considered before embarking on any course of action. You look ahead and deliberate carefully, making sure long-term success takes precedence over shorter-term goals.

Modesty, Humility You don’t seek or want the spotlight. You’re happy for your accomplishments to speak for themselves but you don’t ever seek to be the centre of attention. You don’t necessarily see yourself as being special and others often comment on, and respect your modesty.

Appreciation of beauty and excellence: You’re one of those people who stops to smell the roses. You appreciate beauty, excellence and skill.

Gratitude: You are highly aware of all the good things that happen to you and you never take them for granted. Further, you take time to express your thanks and you appreciate the goodness in others.

Hope, Optimism You expect the best for the future and you plan and work to achieve it. Your focus is on the future and on a positive future at that. You know that if you set goals and work hard good things will happen.

Spirituality, Faith, Sense of purpose: You have strong and coherent beliefs about the higher purpose and meaning of the world. You’re also aware of your position in this world and in the larger scheme of things. This awareness shapes your beliefs which shape your daily actions; this is a strong source of comfort to you.

Forgiveness, Mercy If you’re wronged you can forgive. You allow people a second chance. You’re guided more by mercy than revenge.

Playfulness, Humour: You like to laugh and to make others laugh and smile. You enjoy and are good at play. You easily see the light side of life.

Passion, Enthusiasm You’re energetic, spirited and passionate. You wake up and look forward to most days. You throw yourself, body and soul, in to all activities you undertake.’s%20Signature%20Strengths%20List.pdf

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