I wanna get a motorcycle but my dad said to wait till i get at lease 5000$ in the bank,

i barely have 500$
i have a job and only work on Saturdays and i cant work more often....
how can i make money faster ?? i really need help im almost done reading my motorcycle book for my license
help A.S.A.P please

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Dear Marie-France Trottier,

well your Dad makes a good point you will need at least 5,000 saved maybe even a little more depending on model and used or new besicaly what you are looking for in a motorcycle.

If your unable to work more then I would try and find a higher paying job it would help a little after all not a lot though. Really with out being ablet o work more then one day a week your mostly looking at a long wait.

I don't know your age but if your 18 or older you could take a a loan too just make sure you can make the payments on it alright. Don't do anything reckless any way.

You could sell things you have maybe but I don't no if you have any think of high value,

Try baby sitting or doing yard care may be house cleaning for people too if you can in spare time.

Good Luck
Faolan Blood

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Motorcycles are very expensive, not just the actual bike, but all of the spare parts you will need to order in when things go wrong (which they WILL go wrong...) I'm from a very motor-bikey family and honestly they are the most costly things ever >_< ! Maybe you could get a scooter or a vespa while you are younger and buy a bike when you have more money?

my dad might not be my dad, he's said that a few times, what do I

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thxx ill try baby sitting and yard work :)

Im a waitress Would you ever wait tables?
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Good Luck and I do hope that it all works out for you and thanks

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I hope that the baby sitting and yard work goes well for you I don't know about how things are in Canada but I no in Hawaii and Colorado you can get a decent amount of money doing that.

Try runnging a cheap add in a paper online at craigslist.com or make flyers and pass them around were you live

Best Wishes

Faolan Blood

I Wanna Work
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i live in the middle of nowhere xDD lol but ill try

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