Getting lost money from a bank back?

alright I don't know if this is possible but is there anything to do about it? My mom went to take out $350 from one bank and put it in the other, she withdrawled the money and went over to the other bank and now hte money was gone. she went back, and they found $60 laying on the ground outside...she went through the drive through so is there anything she dcan do to get the other money back? She and the lady in the bank helped her find the money, and she wasnt short adny money so she did give my mom the money but soemthing happened and the money got lost so cna she get this money back?

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If I read it right apparently the money blew away with the wind - in that case, No - just make sure next time the money is safely secured - it appears the bank was not at fault.

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ahh alright...I think that is what might have happened, we dont know though, thanks

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